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  1. I say go for it! I'm not a BASE jumper, but a great fan who loves a lot of BASE jumpers that I know. I can't wait to see what comes of a new site. More power to you, Tom!
  2. I didn't take Tom's post as condescending toward women at all. I believe it was more just to point out that boys will be boys, and boys enjoy impressing girls--especially those who will feed their egos by acting soooo impressed by the fact that they BASE. I am a new skydiver, and have been fortunate in that my instructors all have a great interest in seeing me succeed. A couple even asked--more than once--to be certain I was jumping because it was what I wantes to do, not just because my boyfriend was a skydiver. I could answer without hesitation that jumping is something I have always wanted to do...and I am grateful that my instructors cared enough to give me the chance to pause and discover if it was for me, not my loved one. I do not plan on BASE jumping, and my man is glad-he certainly does his part in discouraging me from BASE! Thank you, Tom, for making me feel even more loved and cared for than I already did!
  3. All due respect...the best thing anyone can do for their children is to be happy. They notice. And yes, it makes a difference--they're not as easily fooled as we grown-ups think.