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  1. Thanks I will keep practicing both ways... I will probably figure what I prefer later this summer!!!
  2. When you fly on our belly (angle flying), we put our hand behind or torso/back.... when I do that, most of the time, I fly with the palm of my hand facing down (so palm the same orientation than my belly....). Some guys fly it the opposite way (so the palm facing the sky...) What do you prefer and do you have any reason why? I guess just changing the orientation of the hand change also your shoulder.... but for me, I just fly nicer one way.... but I was wandering if it worth it to change my flying position if I want to become better at it ! So do I already have a bad habit that I should get off of it? I already done a flight camp on angle flying but I was more concern of flying on my back at that time.... I already register to another UPT flight camp this summer but I want to practice the good way before I get there.... thank's for the info
  3. About the glove, I use thin neoprene glove and they are perfect (i use to have it for kayaking). Make sure to practice before because some neoprene gloves are bulky. If you have a full face helmet, make sure you have anti-fog on your visor. That make a huge difference
  4. Hello I want to pass my D license in Canada and I have to do a jump who include a "Monkey Flip"....I already check on the DZ forum. I found the answer below but I wonder if somebody have it on video??? I ask the CSPA but they don't have the information either... is it just like a "eagle" but you hold the chest strap of your partner??? Thank's for the link if you have it! Cheers Dom A Monkey Flip the two freeflyers, one headup with a chest strap grip and the other head-down, make a frontlooping rotation about each other. To stop the loop rotation, the freeflyer arriving back to the headup position pushes on the chest strap of the head-down freeflyer."
  5. I also have a XF2 119 load at 1.6 What make a huge difference in the opening is your line brake. If you have twist in it, you can be sure to have a so so opening! Before you make huge difference in your packing technique, just make sure you untwsit your line brake every time you pack! That's working for me!!! Good luck! Dom
  6. Question for you guys... did you notice some difference between the crossfire2 119 made in NZ vs the one produce at the spain factory??? I wont to order one and I was wondering... Cheers! Dom
  7. I'm looking also for the HC96 but I think you have to mount it on the top of your helmet... a bit to wide for the side.... right now, I found some company who make the case but for top load only...
  8. Hi Have you try the sony DCRHC96 for skydiving? Maybe a bit wide if I want to use it on the side of my hemet? Any info about that cam? thank's dom