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  1. Hey, Ill be flying into PHX around 2:00pm on December 27. I'm planning on making a reservation for the shuttle found here: They drive straight to Skydive AZ, 65$ + 5$ per extra person, so if anyone wants to share a ride there, let me know before I make the reservation so we can work out a time. Or if anyone is in the area making the trip I'd be happy to throw a jump ticket or a case in for a ride.
  2. I too had this problem a while back, someone was able to scan it in for me too. I still have the digital copy so I can send it to anyone who wants it also. Hopefully that can save you the time of scanning it.
  3. I'm not sure what the rules are with ski jumping, but why not just throw on a tracking suit and get an extra 20 meters on the jump?
  4. what did you uses to get this data? i see you said GPS, but what make, model, price... ect?
  5. Well as of now if i could pick and choose i would have: Cyrpress 2 - 1,400$ Wings Vision/Mirage G4 (still thinking) 2167$/ 2,500$ Sabre 2 2,075$ PD Reserve 1,250$ Total New 6,892/7,225$ Disclaimer: this is all new gear with features i would like added in. most prices were from dealers not manufactures. If there was a complete rig with slight differences then i could still be satisfied
  6. I didn't specify on purpose, i didn't want to have people tell my to buy new or to buy used. Let me rephrase though.. if I was to buy new would it be cheaper to buy a complete rig? Or buy the components separately and put it together? Or on the flip side buy a used complete rig or again buy the components and put it together. obviously this is a generalization because there could be really good deals out there on both sides.
  7. i had to use one this weekend and borrowing it from a friend who said it actually came from a scuba shop. same concept and it worked great. depending on where you live that could be an option.
  8. Alright, so its about that time... I'm ready to buy my own rig. I've been looking around for a while, more or less just to gauge prices on certain pieces new or used. My question isn't whether or not I should by new or used, (I have a pretty good idea of which route I'm going) or on what brand is better/cheaper ext.. The main thing I wanted to know is that when it comes to price, which option would you consider cheaper, buying a complete system or buying each individual parts separately?
  9. That would be awesome. I was afraid it wasn't online. I'm not jumping again until the 26th so there is no rush. hopefully someone else already has it though so you don't have to take your time to do it. Ill keep looking around and let you know.
  10. I just bought a used Phantom X and so far I love it. I haven't jumped it yet and before I do I would like to look over the user manual just to see if there is any obscure information to know. I looked online for a user manual but can't find one. Can someone point me in the right direction of the website or where else I could find one? Thanks
  11. thanks for all the input guys. ended up going with a nice pair of Under Armour neoprene gloves that worked like a charm. wasn't cold at all even. i forgot how quickly jumps go.
  12. I got my licence over the summer and it was great, but then school came back and I've been out of the air for about 90 days so i lost my currency. the good news is that with thanksgiving break i will be able to go spend i weekend at the drop zone and burn the rest of my bank. but with the resent whether i am a bit concerned having never jump in anything colder than 50 degrees. so basically i was just wondering what clothing is appropriate for jumping and staying warm? obviously gloves, check, but what else. i was reading that hoodies create a potential entanglement hazard, and i would have never thought of that. so what are your thoughts on what you jump with in cold weather?