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  1. I bought it [the visor] new. It came with no instructions. Since my post I played with the helmet a little, and very cautiously pushed back [aft] on the two tabs in front of the mounting pivots, then spread the visor by pushing out on the plastic body of the visor near the pivots. This worked. Once the visor was dismounted I could see the mechanism that releases it, but not until then. Pushing the tabs aft makes two holes concentric that were previously offset, thus providing clearance for the flange on the pivot. I was apprehensive. In the past I have broken things by guessing incorrectly how a concealed release worked. Once you know how to do it, it really is easy and takes
  2. Question [I did search the forum before posting this]: I have a Phantom helmet, and bought a replacement visor [lens]. I would like to install it. The ONLY information that I can find ANYWHERE, is that it is easy to do, in 30 seconds, without tools. Nowhere could I find instructions on HOW to do it. Searching Google only produced a list of places willing to sell the helmet. Even YouTube let me down. So, what is the process? I don't want to take a chance on damaging anything.
  3. Thanks. I have bookmarked the article and will study it at length soon.
  4. First, apologies, since this question has doubtless been asked and answered b4. I am a noobie, both to GoPro [I bought a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition yesterday], and to this forum [I signed up 5 minutes ago]. Here is the question - which are the best video settings to use to film bigways from inside the formation. I will be using the video to critique my performance, to see what the other divers do, and to impress my wuffo friends.