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  1. i sewed a pocket on my 2 locking stow bag, and just figure 8 thee lines into it. about 300 jumps on that dbag, 80 of which are wingsuit jumps. works good. the magnet one seems interesting too.
  2. If any idiots try to sell this base gear, kick 'em in the nuts! My friend had his car broken into and got his rig and laptop stolen. The rig is a red and black Apex DP with a red and black FliK 266 inside. i believe he said his apex 42" pc was included in the theft All gear was almost brand new with about 10 jumps on the setup. Keep an eye out folks.. this happened in Houston.
  3. Dear old timers of the sport (That's right, I said old timers Much respect though), I apologize on behalf of what appears to be the 95% of my generations of jumpers who have their heads way up their asses. We're not all like this, I swear! Some of us do recognize that we have less than 7 full years in the sport and aren't truly qualified to make authoritative commentary on trends in the sport over a decade ago. Please don't hold judgment against all of us! Not all of us are this bad Sincerely, Simon Bones thanks, simon, for reminding me why i never come to this site... The majority of these people DO have their heads up their asses. inexperienced immature idiots.. whoever says swooping is 'smart' progression in our sport, just look at the rising DeATH TOLL... why is it that swooping appeals most to the 'rad cool guy type' ? these guys only die. or break themselves very badly.. and then make swooping seem alot worse than it would if only level headed people progressed in this line.. BASe shouldnt be a part of this discussion either.. different sport.. different set of idiots.. screw you guys.. i'm going home edited to add a big F-U
  4. I drove 45 minutes from my home near downtown, to make some jumps on my birthday. I found they recently built a 500' x 500' swoop pond, so I wanted to have fun on my birthday, and make some hopn pops, you know, play with the new pond.. So I go to manifest and I'm told 'No hop n pops. Just got word from the pilot to limit them' I asked why and was told they didn't want to put me out in the clouds. They were flying hot full alt loads all day. I walked outside and looked up at 80% blue skies. No hopnpops because of clouds?? So I left the dropzone, and did not get to skydive on my birthday... WTF?? Anyone care to answer? I went to skydive Houston on the north side the next day and had a lot of fun jumping in a less 'stressed out' environment