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  1. The battery of my ditter has been dead for 2 years and I still haven't changed it yet. I realised these gadgets are not necessary. Most people rely too much on them which is a bad habit. If you're worried about your hearing, don't use it. My two cents.
  2. I've been using a stiletto 120 for 2 years now.
  3. matc

    improving a ws

    I agree but messing with a leg wing is much more complicated than sticking some foam noodle in a sleeve !
  4. matc

    improving a ws

    Hello, I know a guy who modded his blade 2 by sewing a pouch inside each sleeve in which he inserted a pool noodle cut in half along it's lenght. It creates a semi-rigid leading edge and apparently, it did improve the winsguit performance. Has anyone ever tried this ? I'm gonna try it on my GTI but without sewing a pouch first to see it it's worth the trouble. So far, it looks promising in front of the mirror
  5. matc

    New gps

    could you tell me what brand/models have those chips ? Garmin does not produce the foretrex 201 anymore so I don't know what other gps I could use for ws
  6. matc

    New gps

    I broke my garmin foretrex 201 today and I need a replacement. I bought it a couple of years ago and I guess the newer ones are even better. What do you guys recommend for wingsuit flights ?
  7. Can anyone post the picture of the guy or girl whose ring got caught on a line during deployment ? All the skin peeled off ! Very nasty
  8. Do you have any more information ? I checked Sky systems' web site but didn't find anything
  9. That was more than slick ! It's a dream come true, we can fly !!!! The guy walking on the wire was also crazy even though he was attached, I wouldn't do it !
  10. matc

    closing loop

    ah ok it's perfectly clear now thanks !
  11. matc

    closing loop

    I'm wondering how people fabricate them. I just don't see how you can pass one end of the cord into the cord itself without damaging anything !?
  12. matc


    Well i just want to reinforce that area to prevent it from opening or just spreading. I'm gonna get some ripstop nylon patches tomorrow and stitch them to the suit. Thanks a lot !
  13. matc


    Any kind of patch would work ? Our rigger is too busy right now and I want to repair my suit asap so any seamstress could do the job ? What kind of fabric are gti's made of ?
  14. matc


    I got this GTI last week and today I spotted some damage on the back of the suit just below the spandex area (exactly where the BOC is situated). Obviously the fabric was stretched but there are no tears yet but you can see through the fabric. What would you do ?Here are some pics
  15. So I should not worry about that ? It still sucks though as it looks like a piece of crap now !