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  1. 45. And still seriously addicted to freefall.... Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  2. AWESOME!!!!! Looked like some of our January jumps here in Colorado, but a cold day jumping is better than the best day working... Congratulations! Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  3. Two small points (whether the story is correct or not); True. The ones George Bush fought against at Iwo Jima and Chichi Jima were not Nazis. They were fanatic, murderous professional soldiers who did horrible things to their prisoners such as stabbing them to death with swords and bayonets, beheading them, and then eating parts of them in ceremonial "dinner parties". This is all documented in James Bradley's book as well, from soldiers on both sides. The alleged actions wouldn't require P. Bush to be a Nazi lover or sympathiser, just someone who was willing to trade with them for profit. True. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  4. And do you have evidence of this? Please post it. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 That is a thin connection at best between Prescott Bush and "the Nazis". And I certainly don't think it is moral to hold the son and granson accountable for the sins of the father. While Prescott Bush was "connected" to the German banking system, His son George was over in the Pacific flying his torpedo bomber against ( and being shot down at Iwo Jima by) the Japanese. Sounds like the actions of a Nazi lover to me. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  5. Money is money. Israel has no problem hosting the two Bush presidents, or taking money from the US during their presidencies. Even though their family fortune is for a large part due to lucrative business with the nazis. And do you have evidence of this? Please post it. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  6. Of course they were monsters. They were a degradation of the human being that we all are-any one of us is capable of what they did. Evil is a base part of the human condition. The thing that keeps us from that level of behavior-choice- is also a part of our being. Their environment and a lack of a choices that had any redeeming value made these men do inhuman things. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  7. Clif Bars are the best (plenty of soy protein) and trail mix. Remember to drink lots of water. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  8. Good on you for getting back on the ground safe and sound! That would be a sure sign to me that you have what it takes to continue on in this sport. NEVER give up. And THANK YOU for your service!!! Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  9. Ummm I disagree with those that say the sky will always be there. The sky will NOT always be there. Remember that. . I am not following you, Cocheese. Can you expand on this for me please? Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  10. JT, You have gotten alot of great responses here. My 2 cents worth is this: Your family is your #1 priority. If you should burn in your children will definitely be the worse for losing their daddy. I wanted to start skydiving when my boys were small, but never jumped until they were almost grown, and I am happy with that decision. The sky was still there, and the equipment these days is one helluva lot better than it was in 1988. The sky will wait for you too; your children will grow up and be gone before you know it..... Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  11. If I were you, I would go back and delete that comment. The lawyers are reading these threads. Why would I be worried about stating a fact about an improperly adjusted harness? The manufacturer built it right. The TM did not adjust it properly. The negligence in the situation rested solely with the instructor. He was just lucky that day and only scared the living hell out of his passenger instead of dumping her out of her harness upon deployment. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  12. Is there anything a determined skydiver (read ANY skydiver) can't get out of? Anything we can't (legality not considered) get out of? Emergency or for fun? I know that Robert Stanley, Bell test pilot on the P-59 program, once bailed out of a Bell Helicopter he was testing (that was tumbling) and got sliced wide open from the main rotor blade. When I asked him to show me the scar, he pulled up his shirt and it ran horizontally from his bellybutton around to his backbone. Having related that, I think he is the only pilot I have ever heard of bailing from a chopper that survived. So I would say the helicopter is probably something we would not bail from successfully (in an emergency). Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  13. REALLY???? A narrow minded response in my view. The misuse of the Strong tandem harness is NOT Ted Strong's fault, and just because the TM has no money and Ted Strong does is not justification for suing him. Understand that my perspective is coming from seeing my wife almost fall out of an improperly adjusted harness on her tandem. If that in fact had occured, I would not have sued the manufacturer, because it was obvious what happened and it was TM error. If someone's survivors are going to sue even though the signed waiver is plain that even in the event of negligence the tandem student accepts the fact that skydiving is inherently dangerous and agrees not to sue, then they should at least have to, by law, sue the negligent party, not the "richest" party they can find that has some modicum of attachment to the situation. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  14. WOW. Great thread, even if the poll was weird. Now I have to change my opinion of how most skydivers are just damn shallow, hedonistic, self centered boobs who don't think much past the next jump. Seriously though, I have read every post here with fascination. Thanks to all for your thoughts and carrying on this discussion with civility. Just burning a hole in the sky.....
  15. Well said. Just burning a hole in the sky.....