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  1. JimmyPiton

    Javelin + Triathlon 135

    Time Left: 15 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Finally selling my wife's complete rig. She is 5'6" tall but the container would work for someone a bit shorter or taller than this. Please let me know if you have other questions. Main: Triathlon 135 - DOM Oct 1995 ~ 250 jumps Reserve: Para Flite - Swift Plus 145 - DOM December 1991 Container: SP8 Javelin 2617 - DOM March 1992 Cypress is still in there but has expired and is no longer operational.


    Ventura, CA

  2. JimmyPiton

    Heliboogie roll call

    Coco, there's talk of a small nor cal contigent heading to Norway the first week of July, then on to the Eiger. Planning is still pretty loose though.
  3. JimmyPiton

    How many BASE jumpers are there?

    [It's hard to find another BASE jumper anywhere in the Bay Area. ] Yeah, I didn't see any last night.
  4. JimmyPiton

    Alabama Huckers

    Heading to my folks' place in Bama over the holidays - Dec. 21-28. I definitely want to get my huck on in between egg nog and fruit cake. I'll be in and around Huntsville/ Birmingham. I didn't have my rig with me last year and was tormented by the Huntsville A's ! Hit me up if you're around or have the beta.
  5. JimmyPiton

    My trip to NYC

    Damnit! I'm jealous of your pimp experience in NYC...I tried to pull off a similar dream while in town for the marathon and we just couldn't make it happen...rather Magot fell asleep and didn't call back. Next time...