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  1. I know I am on a sky diving web site. There are several "skydivers" that don't get on the BASE jumping forums. Read my original post, I thought I spelled it out pretty clear for you. I'm sure there are some skydivers on here that hasn't heard about what's going on in the BASE community, but they do attend Bridge Day to make that occasional BASE jump. It's true for just the opposite, take me for instance, I javent a clue what goes on in the skydiving community. To be honest, I was really surprised that my username and password still worked for this site because it's been so long since I've logged in here. It's been even longer since I've jumped out of a plane. A really long time. Any way, have a good day sir. Oh, and blue skies to you! "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  2. Hello everyone! First of all I hope I'm in the right forum... If not I appolgize. Every year there are lots of skydivers that come out to Bridge Day and make their first, first and only, or their one a year BASE jump. I would like to know if you have made plans to return or go to West Virginia for Bridge Day this year in light of the new policy in place. I really don't need to know why you are or aren't going, I can tell you right now that I respect your decision either way, this is a free Country, and that is what this is about and I'll end it here so I don't get into politics or what ever. Thank you Alan Lewis "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  3. Thanks. "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  4. I am wanting to replace my slider, the grommets are dinged up pretty good. Now, If the slider(the new one) were the same size, then it shouldnt matter what it came off of or where it came from should it? The canopy is a Raven III loaded at point eight. I dont think it would matter if it were a bit bigger, would it? Thanks Alan "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  5. I'll tell you what the problem is man, they quite making quaaludes!!! "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  6. Thanks -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  7. In general, if there is such a question, I was wondering... Does a pocket slider increase the wear on the perosity of a canopy, since the process of opening is slower? Thanks -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  8. I'm not a layer, but I would think about challenging the "arial delivery" thing with "intent" ?!?!? One would intend to jump from an object for recreation rather than "arial delivery" for squating. Kinda like the JC issue with the ESB, reckless endagerment. If he says he wasn't reckless, we say were not squating -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  9. You could go to Wal-MArt and buy a $0.99 can of white paint and paint a big circle on the ground "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  10. I wonder if his thumb got stuck, 'cause it looks like he looks at his hand?!?!?! thoughts... "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  11. I swear Im not bragging, just trying to show the power of the mind "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  12. Not to brag, but, I spent about 5-6 mins in the tunnel before AFF, and I got to skip a level and didn't re-do any levels. I think the key was, I was so stoked about jumping that failing was never something I thought about! THINK POSITIVE!!! Change your attitude!!! Good luck! -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  13. copy and paste "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  14. check this gaame out!?!?! -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"
  15. I was at the DZ today and was listening to a couple of "up-jumpers" talking about AAD's. Good, bad, yes, no... etc,etc,etc. So here is my question... If a jumper that only jumped every other couple of weekends, or once a month, who jumped solo, and opened high(5-6k) on every jump, would he/she really need an AAD? Why or why not? Thanx -A "Don't keep your pilot chute a secret"