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  1. Thank you...I saw a neurosurgeon and he referred me to the orthotic unit. They fitted me with a carbon fibre brace like this.....I did five jumps last weekend without any landing problems....but nil wind landings are a no-no from now on........I can live with that.
  2. Hello All I suffered total 'foot drop' in my right foot last summer after some back surgery. You will either know what the condition is or you won't so I won't go into detail if that's okay. I was seeking advice from anyone else who has this condition and has continued to jump...difficulties they encountered...special boots, kit they use.... I have been jumping for nearly 40 years and do not want to give up..... Thanks... :)
  3. Top Man!!!....just bought all I need is a cheap genius and I'm sorted. Thanks again for that! Best redkite
  4. I think the top central mount for video and front central mount for the stills gives a good balance as far as the back and neck are concerned....does it for me anyway,,,,,,that said I look up everytime during deployment (I know you're not supposed to) and that position produces that balance I believe. Sony HDR HC3 on top...nice and light... Canon 350d with a condom (absolute must for front mounted stills 'Limey Land' anyway!!!) Bite switch Cameye
  5. I have a Sony HDR HC3 and it's been a good servant (although this model does have its faults of course). A few weeks ago the flip-open screen picture lost green altogether. Then this last weekend it lost all colour except red. The camera still functions perfectly in every other way. I am assuming that there is some sort of 'ribbon' running from the body of the camera into the screen ( "No Shit Sherlock" I hear you shout!!!) and that it has frayed or broken with wear as a result of the door being repeatedly opened, revolved and closed. This camera is four/five years old and has been 100% reliable so in reality it owes me nothing. However, seems a shame to waste an otherwise good camera. Is there an easy fix for this problem that makes economic sense??? Advice appreciated.
  6. Just so you know who it's from.....who took this shit photo anyway.............. Best redkite
  7. Hey 'Linetwist' " will never amount to shit. So...hurrah for me and fuck you!" (asshole!!!)
  8. I have never used the HC 5 so cannot comment on it.....however I have been using the HC3 for a couple of years. It has three negative points in my opinion:- 1) It defaults back to factory settings after 12 hours of non use 2) It suffers serious flaring in certain circumstances 3) The 'Fader' options are basic indeed and none are suitable for use in a skydiving DVD. Just my view - it is great in every other respect I can think of. Best RedKite
  9. Yes - standard practice at our DZ and we tell each punter we have the tape on file for 12 months. All of the camera team store in this fashion. Any requests for another DVD usually come in the first week after the jump because 'the DVD just broke'!!! Translated, this means that the punter tried to pull the DVD out of its box without pressing the button in the centre!!! We don't charge for the service. I have never had a second request from the same punter but if I did then I WOULD charge!!! RedKite
  10. Hi Might not suit everyone but this does it for me!!! All of the switches are accessible. The tape can be ejected without a problem. Also the screen can swing open no problem. Only thing you can't do with the helmet in situ is remove the battery. I bashed my head a lot when I first started - never damaged the camera, just scuffed the roll-bars. Also. the bars are light, hollow but incredibly strong aluminium tubes. All you need to fit them is a hacksaw and a pipe-bender. As you can see my camera is a HC3 but it matters not. It's a one camera screw release and it's cheap to do!!! Sorry about the size of the photos! Best RedKite
  11. Hi All An old thread I know but this is one of me filming my 21 year old son Tom as he enjoys (one of) his 21st Birthday presents. Not very exciting I know but then........he always was a boring child!!!!!!!!!!! Best RedKite
  12. =========================== Is your Dutch better than my English? =========================== Good Call....very Good Call!!!
  13. Hi Icevid' Yeah, you had to be the Wigan Casino that is. In 1977 it (Wigan Casino) was voted the greatest disco in the world by the American Music Press no beat Studio 54 into second place! Casino has nothing to do with gambling in this instance!!! The whole 'Northern Soul' genre is a 'Limey' thing. If you are interested, take a look at some of the 'Northern Soul Dancing' stuff on youtube. They were great days!!! By the way, everybody who has seen my Tandem Intro thinks that the music stinks! I could never take a hint!!!! That said, once the actual Tandem footage kicks in then they get more orthodox stuff. Thanks for your views. Best RedKite
  14. Great dance music? I have no idea how you could dance to it. Watch and learn...................