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  1. As a new jumper I had never heard of the first man sets the pattern idea, so it really confused me when all of a sudden people were landing in the opposite direction as planned, as part of the confusion and distraction i misjudged my landing distance requirement and ended up fracturing my ankle, dropzones need to "plan better" and not assume that everyone knows everything, canopy and landing trainning probably needs improvement and stronger uspa trainning requirments
  2. well thanks for the advice everyone Im probably not going to take the job
  3. I'm moving to San Diego soon, and would like to know if there any good places to live, or if there are any areas to stay away from? I'm hoping to find a roommate or a place to live for about $400-500. I've heard San Diego can be an expensive place to live. I have a job offer at a non-profit environmental consulting company for about $27,000/year. My family thinks I'm crazy for relocating for such a low paying job, but I think my family is just holding me back. I trust the opinions here more than my family. Anyone have advice for living in San Diego? Is everything in San Diego overly expensive? Is $27,000/year enough to live there?
  4. I can't wait for these videos, I liked when DSE did the interviews, I think we all really appreciate the effort that is put into these videos and it's the only way a lot of us get to be a part of PIA. So thanks in advance.
  5. if anyone has pictures of custom symbols it would be great to see some.
  6. I wonder if flying a 7 cell, like a Spectre hurts your future canopy pilot skill progression?
  7. When I flew a Spectre a few years ago, it seemed that if I tucked my legs up and flared right above the ground, I could get kinda a small swoop several feet across the ground, that ended in a small pickup at the end of the flare, that was incredibly fun. Has anyone else experienced similar landing characteristics? Is this typical of a 7 cell low powered flare? Why would someone want more flare which results in a boring tiptoe landing?
  8. Hey your in luck buddy, I live in Arlington TX and im a rigger, you could really just get anyone to take the measurement, but i'd be happy to help you out anyways, It looks like your going to UTA which is good because I am too, if you want I could meet you somewhere on campus. -Joe Mowery
  9. this is not going to cost as much as your all are so worried about, no more than a USPA membership, and the only ones who would have to pay would be riggers, and let me remind you that it would be an optionable certification look at all the things that USPA has done for skydiving and it only cost you $50 a year. To complain about cost it absurd.
  10. I saw it on tv recently, and my dad says "now theres something you could use" I tried not to laugh to hard. Silly legs
  11. As it is now the FAA could not release control even if they wanted to because no alternative system is in place. But if there was another system it would be possible to influence the FAA and slowly over time take certain responsibilities away from them. As we have seen with the recently pack life extension the FAA can be swayed if we have good data and widespread consensus. That is what a rigger assosiation would provide.
  12. A DPRE has no power to do anything in this situation because packing a square is not a requirement by the FAA
  13. some people have made some good points, perhaps PAI is not the best organization to certify rigger, the USPA would be a better choice, actually an even better option would be to create a rigger organization. PIA represents businesses USPA represents jumpers __?__ represents riggers we should create one Association of Parachute Riggers (APR) or Parachute Rigger and Regulation Association (PRRA) I claim rights to the 2 names above
  14. We all know that the FAA doesn’t really know jack crap about rigging, and yet we let them regulate us. Most of the FAR's are outdated. Lap parachutes have not existed for 50 years yet the FAA still thinks this is a type of parachute. Also you can become certified as rigger by packing rounds and then magically you are allowed to pack ram-air canopies, and vice versa. Not to mention that some containers are really different but apparently if you can pack one you can pack them all. I can continue talking about tandem packing, TSO's, ADD's, ext, but the point is that I think PIA or USPA should give an additional rating so that jumpers know that riggers really know everything they are supposed to know. Rating Idea: Once you have obtained your FAA Rating, then you can obtain a PIA rating. The 6 PIA ratings would be PIA senior rigger (back, chest, seat), and PIA master rigger (back, seat, chest) To obtain the PIA senior rigger certification, a rigger would: 1. Prove that he/she can pack rounds and ram-air canopies 2. Knows how to pack a chute into different containers (javelin, racer, wings) 3. Knows how to assemble the 3 ADD'S and skyhook. Ext.. The USPA used to have a ram-air certification for riggers. Now sure you old-timers might think it’s too much of a hassle but I think it would help young riggers by forcing them to learn more and it would really help jumpers know that their rigger is knowledgeable. Of course I think a PIA rating should be optional, so that those who take the extra effort to prove their knowledge would be rewarded by being able to call themselves PIA Riggers, but those who think it unnecessary could simply stick with their FAA rating. Vote and say why