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  1. Ask for Gert Michiels or just message him on FB. AMAZING coach. He breaks everything down to its simplest form. I am a very slow learner, and even he can teach me. Just ask him about Chanh.
  2. I'm currently in the same situation. So far this year, I've only done 6 hours. About 2 hours every other month. I think I prefer it this way. For me, it takes a few sessions to get warmed up and remember the moves. Once I'm warmed up, the real training begins. To start off, tunnel camps are the way to go. I think you should push it a little harder than usual, and then keep it up once and a while. As for prices, you should check out Prague and Warsaw. I've been to Prague a few times now and it's just awesome. Cool people, cheap food, and it's easy to get to the tunnel from the airport. It's just a 25 euro taxi ride, or you can take the bus/metro (which is pretty long but doable). Each time I go, I always fly with Martin: . Their prices are low as well and Prague is such an awesome city. I'm also going to the Poland tunnel in September because their prices are still low. I believe it's 650 euros with coaching. TL;DR Tunnel camps are the way to go.
  3. I want to say thanks to everyone who signed up. I received some good feedback and ideas to make this site even better.
  4. Long story short, I created a skydiving website. Some of you may or may not have seen that post already. If not, Anywho, I want to post videos for specific dropzones. That way, when people visit that dropzone's page, they can check out what's going on. If you guys have any videos already posted on vimeo or youtube and don't mind me reposting it on my site, could you maybe hook me up with the link and dz name? Or if you don't mind, could you post it for me? I'm curious if what i designed made sense. Thanks, Chanh
  5. @devildog exactly. Since I'm jumping in France and there is a language barrier, this would help me a lot.
  6. thanks scott! Yeah facebook works as well and I'm not trying to replace that. This is mostly for people who haven't met yet. At least for me, i've met a lot of people who are by themselves and at the dropzone for the first time.. You could imagine that it's hard to find other people on Facebook to jump with if you're not friends with them. This would also give other people a chance to help any first timers as well. With the new timeline design, it's hard to start a conversation within a dropzone's facebook page. And of course, if this doesn't work, it won't work. I'm curious if people would use it that's all.
  7. I finally have something functional! It was harder than i thought but if you guys want to check it out, here's the address still lots of tweaks but any feedback would be awesome.
  8. So i'm trying to make it easier for people to find other skydivers to jump with, and gather jump videos all in one spot. It's a little experiment but I think it could work out. I'm not trying to replace, more like, i'm trying to avoid mass texting my friends if they're jumping or not this weekend. Maybe you guys can check it out and give me some feedback?
  9. here's an update of what I have so far as a home page. A friend of mind was interested in what I am doing and offered his programming skills. Hopefully him and I can do something interesting in the next coming days. We're going to need some people to test it out so... i would really appreciate the feedback! This is my first time doing this so I am trying to learn as much as I can.
  10. thanks! I'm still designing and coding some stuff. Hopefully a live version should be coming soon. can't wait to see if this flops or not. lol. Unfortunately, I don't speak french that well, and I live in France... I'm trying to get english speaking people to use this , but at the same time I am trying to convince some french skydivers at the dropzones to give it a try. It's pretty messy. I think making a multi-language website is way out of my league right now. will be in touch soon!
  11. Yeah, so far the coding is fun. I'm testing out bootstrap which is actually pretty cool. You guys have any tips on building 'hype'? It would be cool to get a decent amount of users to test my site and critique the hell out of it!
  12. Thanks for the tip. I'm doing a lot of sketching right now. I can't imagine coding something and finding out that I need to delete everything i did just because an idea is bad.