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  1. Okay this isn't on EVO but its a Ozone suit I had made 2 years ago. LS suits have that moto racing look. Becareful wearing one, people you'll look like a pro! lol
  2. relax man your team lost. better luck in 8 years...
  3. Greg, the U.S. Military all get 30 days paid leave per year. no matter what the rank. Of course they tend to add up since sometimes its hard to take. But i think its better than civilian jobs vacation time.
  4. right. did you see in the video me collapsing my slider? if I packed it myself and I told everybody I properly packed most folks would still chalk it up to bad luck or that I was mistaken about the packjob. Hardly anybody cares about the unknowns that might happen... poor body position, tuck tabs hanging up.. The bottom line here is that slammers that open hard enough to injure or kill you are a known problem in skydiving. watch the following video of bill booth discussing the tuck tab theory and why he developed magnetic riser covers. also read further on the forums about the benefits of using dacron over spectra.
  5. got you about the looking up part, I didn't look up intentionally, what you saw in the video was my head whipping back from the force of the opening. I usually tense my neck muscles, but this caught me off guard and spanked me. In the future I will try alot harder to keep my head forward.
  6. yeah, for me the pain is slightly decreasing but I have alot of pain in my upper middle back, during opening I felt my head go way back much further than body design allows.
  7. that was pretty hard. but I really don't think your normal openings are like that.
  8. I understand the concept about the slider and being against the stops. What I am saying is that IMHO the chute was packed properly. The hesitation part I think you might have the wrong idea about. The theory about the tuck tabs being released separately is what I am referring too. Bill Booth presented this idea forth and you would not be able to feel the split second difference if the tuck tab got hanged up.
  9. [/url][/url] here is my slammer, yes the moaning was slightly ghey but I was justing coming out of it, and couldn't breath.
  10. thats sorta what I am saying. I don't think it is the Pilot at all. and not because of brand loyalty or because I spent alot of money on one. I can buy a new canopy anytime. I am not a professional skydiver nor an equipment manufacturer but I think there is alot of relevance in what Bill Booth has said about slammers that are causing by uneven tuck tab release.
  11. I wasn't checking up on the packer, but I often watch the good ones work to get pointers.
  12. I don't think it was the pack job. I can't explain why, I don't have a particular like/dislike for the packer, although I know he a is a pro. It seems that there is a difference between real hard openings vs. the slammer. I have had hard openings before with jolting openings that I can attribute to some trash packing to make a load. Slammers on the other hand are in a different category. After reading the forums and asking some other folks about hard openings it seems that there are basically two types of hard openings. The ones that shock you real hard and seem to instantly open instead of snivel. But the slammers i've had were far different. it seemed as though the chute instantly appeared and looked like a limp bowtie, suggesting no inflation inside the cells. The force was different as well. I felt the recoil and resulting whip lash almost killed me. The hard openings i've had just made me curse. This one made me check my body systems and see if everything was still there. As I said before I have had hard openings but only two I can classify as slammers. You mention the Hornet and the consistent hard openings, the pilot I have now has openings that are consistently soft. I don't feel it has a problem. Yes you are right about what I am saying about the snatch force from the weak PC throw resulting in uneven tuck tab release. And again I don't know it wasn't the pack job, but the force that resulted from the opening was severe enough for me to think that he would have had to really f**ked to get it to do that. I know his packs well enough to know that it just isn't likely he f**ked up.
  13. I had a slammer yesterday in Hawaii with a Pilot 168 in an Icon Rig. I have had one hard opening before once before by a Pilot 188. Keep reading I am not knocking Aerodyne! I love the Pilots! I was doing a two freefly jump, uneventful freefall, went to belly waved and pulled. The canopy opening was violent and instantaneous. I was wearing a top mounted camera and my head went all the way back and the wind was knocked out of me. After a few seconds of moaning for the camera and checking to see if I could feel my balls I stowed the slider and went to land with no incident. After landing I had to kneel for a few minutes since I had trouble breathing and one of the DZ big dogs had to come get me with the cart. Thanks Ash. anyway I will post the video on youtube and link it for you. Lastly, I don't think the slamming had anything to do with the pack jobs. I had an experienced packer that day and watched almost all of the pack job to get pointers on doing it neater for myself. also other than those two openings I have had about 275 super soft openings on pilots. So I don't think its the canopy either. I do remember that when I pulled I lazily threw the PC out, almost like I was just slipping it out of the BOC and not throwing it. I feel that there is some correlation with the force the inflated PC puts on the top of the bag that may have a hand in the tuck tabs opening after each other.
  14. dude if a white englishman gets to be a presenter on Soul Train I'm leavin the country!