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  1. Hit me up I would take one or two, and I know of a few others that may as-well. how many do you need for you first order? mabey a group buy here on DZ.com would be a good way for you to get a jump start and make the first buy quota. Blues, Alan
  2. Don't know about the red light thing. might just open it up and see if you can locate a loose or broken connection the PS2 games will work on 60 and 80 g but not the 40 g. don't make the 60 anymore and the 80 $100 more.
  3. what is it doing? My ps2 gives me "disk read error" or it wont load the game when I put the disk in. This is an easy fix takes about 20 min similar?
  4. Anyone ? I noticed some of the smoke jumpers I have seen in the news lately are under rounds? I'm thinking steering might be a plus when jumping into forrest fires and such.
  5. Pegasus in chickasha it's about 30 min. s of okc friendly folks and good pricing ph # 405 222-1445
  6. 49,722 how many do you think it will take?
  7. Does anybody have experience with making a vector II with velcro freefly safe? I have heard of a tuck tab retrofit but couldn't find anything on RW's website. Any info or smart ass coment welcome. thanks
  8. I feel like a deal with stess pretty well.Its important in other areas of my life that one stays calm and keeps ones head.I am practiced in staying calm in stessfull situation.
  9. last jump was dec 12 dz shut down for the holidays. I average 2-4 jumps a week should be more this summer Home DZ is Pegasus in Chickisha, Ok I am active and resonably fit. I rock climb, mountian bike, snowboard, and wakeboard.
  10. Howdy, I started jumping in april 2005. I have 40 jumps my wieght w/o gear is 145 so 165 or so with. I have been using a cruiselite 210 (the smallest canopy at my dz) I am looking at canopies for my first rig. I have gotten somewhat conflicting advise (imagine that) so lets have some more. I have found a triathalon 160 for a decent price. Assuming the canopy checks out w/ my rigger is this an acceptable canopy for someone of my weight and exper. ? do I need to step down ? if so how? any advise is appreciated. Thanks Al
  11. climb at the meadows in the witchitas yesterday (only 45 min from the dz)
  12. 18 or 16 with parental waiver at most places I think. I got my a licence this year and the cost was around 1,400 took 28 jumps. I did static line which is like IAD (most don't do static anymore). AFF will cost more I'm not sure how much. How many jumps it takes make a big difference most seem to take 27-35 jumps. My student jumps were $45 which is on the cheap end
  13. After seeing dropzone.com and rockclimbing.com I am wondering how many us do both. I started climbing first come to think the guy who got me started was/is a skydiver.