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  1. i would love to see you try and rock that in the wardroom on VENTUROUS....i am called pbj bc i refuse to eat the food on board and make pbj all the time....they would have a field day with that hahahah
  2. Hello, I was wondering where the closest place to skydive is from Oklahoma City, and about how far it is. thanks marc
  3. Hey everyone, I just moved to St. Pete last week from NJ having graduated from the coast guard academy. im now an officer on the venturous which is a boat out of st. pete and we are in the middle of the ocean now. i am looking to meet up with some people and just kick back in the area/learn the places to go out and maybe meet some ppl who jump at zhills. Thanks Marc [email protected]
  4. o how i cant wait to get down there hahhaha......umm by the way.....interesting videos
  5. Intense.....although i would rather have espresso in the morning
  6. Some new aircraft that they call the Maritime Patrol Aircraft...i think it is made by casa....not sure though....most of the 130's are in alaska or flordia
  7. yea we were until 2003 when we became part of DHS. We still have the "falcon" jets but they will be getting phased out with new planes sometime in the next (they say 10) i say 120 years.
  8. you better put in for d7 then....there is no way im going anywhere that gets below 50 in the winter ever again
  9. i heard they want to send a LT to alaska to start up stuff up there....maybe you will be lucky enough to be a plank owner up there....hahahah
  10. Kelly.....your in the military and we have rules! hahah.....New london.....u are crazy....i cant wait to graduate and get away from this crappy town....80something days
  11. how many people usally attend this they have packers?
  12. Anyone going to be jumping this weekend....Saturday they are calling for low 50's...dont want to make the 2hr drive and only get on one load thanks marc
  13. Thanks everyone for the advise....the reason that i am considering those two is beacuse i have jumped both. What i really like about the Pilot is the soft openings...but the Sabre2 seems to have a better glide and landing....i will have to look into jumping some other canopies as it does make sense to try a few and see which feels the best. Thanks again and any more advise would be greatly appreciated... Marc
  14. hello, I am in the market for a sabre 2 or pilot 170...what are the main differences and the pros/cons of each? Also what other canopies would you consider? Thanks Marc