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  1. Guys, sound good!!! A lot of people have showed interest in the bags. From here i can ship it all over the world.. thats no problem. For my first order i need at least 20 pcs... Now i am looking for a web-designer who can make a good site for me.. Thanks Guys! Mean wile you can PM me for order/samples!!
  2. PM send with contact information. -Roberto
  3. Glad everyone is happy about the samples, it took me a lot of time and money to get some good samples!!! With waving i mean stitched by hand / machine. All the bags are finished by hand. until today i did nos sell any, but some "Teams" are intrested in the product. Let me know if someone is will to be a resellers or a partner, because i have to get a minimum qty. I am very happy with the positive reactions!!! THANKS Just now i got a other sample!
  4. Currently I trying to setup a company to sell customized gearbags. But first of all I want to find out if other skydivers are interested in it. The concept is to sell gearbag with a personal logo on it. The logo will be waved in it, and the price for each gearbag will be around 50 $ inc. shipping and personal logo and name. I think for teams it will be great! (see attc.) What are your opinions???? Give it a try?? Thanks!!!! (or meaby a reseller???)
  5. NP! I i find one i let you know! I am doing my final internship in a place nearby Shanghai. It’s for 6 months! Your in Shanghai too?
  6. Hi all! I’m looking for a dropzone around Shanghai. I found one dropzone, but it is 8 hours from Shanghai (China GreatSky Skydiving Club located at Beijing Shahe Airport). Someone?? THANKS!!!!
  7. Hi Lenka, Here some (high quality) pix of a line-twist.. (not mine) cheers!
  8. Hello, I am looking for a (good) tutorial about how to PRO-PACK a parachute. Can some1 help me???? Cheers!!!