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  1. An irrelevant rebuttal two-fer. Good showing.
  2. So Congress is/was responsible for our military actions in Vietnam and Iraq? So all this rhetoric we hear about Bush destroying the Constitution and the taking of our rights is really Congress's faulty/responsibility?
  3. There have been some truly stupid posts made this week, but this one wins the prize. You should be so proud.
  4. You were arguing about their motivation, not their frequency. And if it's frequency, the Christians win in the US. Let's see - seven people have died at the hands of abortion clinic bombers. How does that compare to the events of 9/11/01? Why limit it to just the US? Let's compare all abortion clinic bombings that had fatalities to all suicide bombings that had fatalities for the planet over the last 20 years or so.
  5. Get rid of subsidies to sugar growers, cotton growers, and my colleague who is paid by the Feds to grow NOTHING on his farm. Oh shit. I'm in agreement with both Billvon and Kallend. I sure am glad it's not June 6th of last year.
  6. Care to give illustrations? Were the Crusaders not killing for their religion? How about pro lifers that bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors? Any difference you assert sounds like semantics at best. Aren't we talking about school shootings??? But if you want look at religion motivated killings in the last 500 years or so, feel free to post some figures. And I know communism isn't a religion, but throw it in there for good measure.
  7. That's rich. Apparently, you don't get that whole victimology mindset, embraced by so many on the left.
  8. Read the paper. It's easier to get you to do the leg work. A lot of good that did you I-45, this morning.
  9. Actually, I was thinking of the '04 general election when I started this thread. So, was it worth having Bush for another four years to make a statement?
  10. I went to college in Texas. Those Houston chics were hot... and always neatly trimmed.
  11. No. It's pretty blatant on this site. No it's not.
  12. I'd say her assessment is neither dishonest nor a stereotype. It seems that Rush, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter et al are always foaming at the mouth to vilify liberals. If someone tells lies "only" 20% of the time, does that make them honest? How about if they only steal a few times a year? Does that mean they're not theives? Those others, like Coulter, can be outrageously funny. You probably don't see it because you side with the people they're making fun of.
  13. What a complete load of BULLSHIT!!! I know it. You know. It's a shame you seem unable to admit it. Here's a classic example of you implying I support neo-con policies. When I call you on it, you never respond. Not the first time you failed to back up your dishonest stereotypes.
  14. Of course, you would never stoop to using dishonest, inflamatory stereotypes.
  15. Yeah. He definitely sounds like a Christian. What are you talking about?
  16. Back in the late 90s crude was at historic lows. There was a serious glut. From an economic cycle standpoint, we were at the opposite end of the spectrum.
  17. I want to know why he thinks it. I'm interested in discussing the subject, if people just state what they think and refuse to provide any form of reasoning why they think it then there can be no discussion. This one's off the irony scale.
  18. Thanks for your response. Interesting information about wells being capped in the Northeast. I don't know if opening all those (presumably) low producing wells would have a noticable impact on national supply. Maybe? Maybe not? I'm guessing they capped those (presumably) low producing wells back when crude was in the low teens and they now realize the oil in them is going to keep going up in price. As far as I know, there aren't any major refineries in New England, so these capped wells would need to be uncapped, re-fitted. Then the oil would need to be shipped out of the region for refinement. IOW the owners are going have to do a lot of work for a so so return. Oil prices are going up because of an international shortage (and a falling dollar). We're still getting as much as we need. It just costs more. The refineries can't pump it out fast enough. I'm guessing (and it's just a guess) these wells are still tapped because the oil companies have bigger fish to fry.