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  1. sumdumguyinpoo

    Camera tips/safety Post Contest

    Thanks man... that's a cool thing you're doing... I am not in this contest, but I think that offering something for those who are trying to really offer productive information is a good incentive to keep this place as cool as it is.
  2. sumdumguyinpoo

    I love going head down

  3. sumdumguyinpoo

    Skydive Delmarva

    I came out on Labor Day to check this place out and fell in love with it. What a fun place to jump. Their twin otter is old, but seems to be in great working order. I met a lot of great skydivers that I hope to meet again someday soon. Manifest has some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered in a manifest...they are definitely in my top 5...the only thing that I got hung up on there was trying to keep my eye on the DZ. They have a grass runway so it looks just like every other field in view, so that was a little disorienting. There are several landmarks that help out quite a bit, but my first couple jumps had me chuckling at the concept of picking an out because I had no idea where I was...but I had it zeroed in by the end of the day and was having a blast...thanks guys...see ya again soon...
  4. sumdumguyinpoo

    Skydive Suffolk Training Center

    I started coming here in May of 2006 and loved it. I was traveling from NY at the time and was visiting a lot of different dropzones. This one caught my eye for so many reasons. First, the people there are super friendly. You are not walking around long before getting asked to join someone on a load and getting advice and coaching from the people you jump with. You will often find someone grilling food. It's better than a family reunion. It's is rare to not hear the staff and funjumpers laughing together. There are no cliques here. Second, the PAC-750! This plane is great! If you are not familiar with this plane, look it up, or come out here and jump it! Not many places where you can get to 13,800 feet in under 10 minutes. It's a rocket ship to altitude, then can slow way down to a crawl to give everyone time to get out safely. And the pilot is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. Mike Lucker has got a story that you will want to hear... Third, the DZ itself. Looks sleepy and friendly on the end of a Large Airport...if you can't see this from the air, you're not in Virginia! Outs galore! Plenty of off landing areas in the event you need one...Even at night, you can't miss this DZ, and yes, the night jumps here are awesome! The packing shed is big enough, and they currently have a great packer. A young kid named Adam. He's fast, cheap and good at what he does. He has packed over 100 jumps for me and all were close to identical in heading and opening. If the heat is getting to you, there are several airconditioned hideouts you can sit relax. A restaurant on the Airport. It's not part of the DZ, but I know it's there. I have never been to it, since I usually bring my own, but in a's there for you. Actually, someone usually is either grilling or goes on a lunch or dinner run and pizza, fried chicken, will just sorta show up! Fourth, it's really easy to get to. I have come from every direction to get to the place and all are pretty simple and straight forward. Ok, so you probably guessed that I really like the place. I even made it my new home DZ when I came to Virginia from New York. And it's not the closest DZ to where I live either. One of the only down sides to this DZ is that if there are not a lot of students or tandems, there will not be that many loads. You could get 7 jumps in on a Friday, or none at all, depending on who shows up. Saturdays and Sundays are pretty consistant. I rarely get less than 10 jumps on a Saturday, and Sundays are mostly funjumper days so the freefly and RW groups are filling the plane...It's not uncommon to see a wingsuit jumper or a CRW group go out. The showers don't work, but the bathrooms are well kept. No truck stop bathrooms here! I have to periodically update this profile since I keep finding more things I like...all BSing aside, this is a good, fun, safe place to jump...
  5. sumdumguyinpoo

    Skys The Limit Northeast Skydiving Center

    Great view, great manifest, no restaurant but I happened by when they were ordering lunch, so I got lucky there...They were repairing the packing tent, so it was kinda cramped on the carpet...if they rolled out another carpet for packing, it would be perfect. Overall, a freindly and fun place to jump...Everyone jumps pretty safely and the DZ is a good size.
  6. sumdumguyinpoo

    Cypres 2

    While driving down a state highway one night, I got clipped by a drunk driver on a turn. His car forced mine off the road and into a creek. I was relatively uninjured, but as soon as I was out of the car it sank like a brick. I did what any straight thinking skydiver would do and dive down for my rig. It was some task to find in the dark and underwater, but I got her out. If you could have seen the look on the state troopers face when he saw me soaked with my equally wet rig slung over my shoulder you would not have been able to contain your laughter. After all was said and done, I went and had everything checked, dried and repacked. The Cypres II was fine, not so much for my cell phone. I have never been in a position where I needed to use my AAD, but I do feel a bit safer that its there. It has never fired on me, nor have I ever seen one fire w/o good reason. Now stuff happens and nothing is flawless... seriously, we jump out of planes for fun and we all knwo the risk. I would rather have it there than not. But as I have come to understand it, there is a higher risk for swoopers and high performance canopy pilots. I am neither. But what I cna say is that for every DZ I have ever been to and for every person I have ever asked, they all, save one, have recommended the Cypres II. So if experienced skydivers are telling me to use one and DZO's are recommending them, then I am going to continue to use it until somethin' better comes along. I hope this helps.
  7. sumdumguyinpoo

    Bomber FreeFly Pants

    I demoed a bunch of different types of suits and pants. I ended up ordering these from the Sq.1 Pro Shop in Perris, CA. They took about 3 weeks to get, and I jumped them the same day I got them. Very comfrotable and don't hinder your mobility in any way. The ankle straps never come undone, and the belt will hold its place pretty good. I ordered them a hair big in the waist since my weight fluctuates a bit and have had no trouble with the belt. I have had a couple of shifty landings and had no problem with getting them clean. I'll recommend them to anyone.