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  1. Doug Smith at CSC is one of the savviest DZOs in the world. Check out their site: Westside skydivers are also using RealXstream: Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  2. Guys, that was the old version of RealXstream (circa 2005) the new one makes the DVD for you as well as uploading ant it only takes 60 seconds of work for the editor. Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  3. you can also try RealXstream video factory for free. this system is also easy to use, simple, fast and only costs $100 Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  4. After a tough year in 2007, RealXstream’s has raised another round of investment and will return to full service between Feb and March 08 with a more robust database, management and support system. DZ’s who experienced problems with the service during 2007 should contact [email protected] to discuss bonus video credits on their account. RealXstream has secured the services of a major sports sponsorship agency for 2008 to help us to realize substantial sponsorship revenue for both RealXstream and our partner DZ’s. In order to achieve this RealXstream will need to drive as much traffic as possible in 2008. RealXstream will also be working towards creating a One-Stop software package for all the DZ’s video needs including automated DVD burning and streaming to mobile phones, for release 08/09. Ash Crick (former gold medal freestyle skydiver) will be coming on board as new CTO. Ash has been a technology execute of several medium and large companies for many years, and will be overseeing all new technology for RealXstream. In the meantime, Mike will be at the PIA symposium in Barcelona in Feb 08 as an invited speaker on the topic of Generating revenue through online video. For more info, please contact [email protected] SWiss +41794434587 AUS mob +61449891248 SKype: mikeymcgrath Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  5. Regrettably RealXstream's video upload service will be temporarily unavailable for 4-6 weeks, while the company undergoes management restructure, and further technology development / fixes. The website itself should function again shortly, but we recommend DZ’s do not upload any more video during this period. Once changes are implemented, and we can insure our usual high level of customer satisfaction, RealXstream will return to full operations. Best regards, Mike McGrath – Founder and CEO RealXstream For any further information, please feel free to contact me directly: [email protected] Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  6. Regrettably RealXstream has run into scalability problems (increasing demand), and financial problems at the same time, and as a result we have had a hard time fixing the system. Right now we have an outside consultant looking at how/if we can re-architect elements of the system, but it will be several weeks (maybe months) until this is done. I have called several DZO’s in the last few days to notify them of the problem, but I hadn’t got around to calling you. Sorry. This is a very unfortunate situation for us, because we marketed the product as a “hassle free” video streaming solution, but with the current issues this has definitely not been the case. We should have the site up again in the near future, but we are recommending that DZ’s do not use the system again until such a time as we are confident that it is back to 100%. If anyone needs more information please contact me directly [email protected] Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  7. RealXstream recently moved into a new office and haddifficulties with telco provider. As of 1st May business as usual. New phone number is: +61 (for Australia) 2 4228 5520 Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  8. Hi Larry, Our appoliges, RealXstream is in full swing however we are in the process of moving offices and had a few issues with our phone and interent provider. Business should be back to normal by the 1st May. the new contact number for our office is +61 (for Astralia) 2 422\8 5520. Urgent support issues contact Brad on +61 405 025205 Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823
  9. Welcome to RealXstream My name is Mike McGrath, I am part of the team that created This is a project that we have been working on since 99 with the ultimate goal of creating a sponsorship rich environment for our sport. Sorry we had to keep it under wraps for so long, but it has been a very long road creating an ideal marketing vehicle for our sport, and we had to make sure we get it right first time. please visit for an overview of where our company is coming from. Look forward to hearing from you soon, and to answering any questions you have regarding our company. Blue skies Mike Mike McGrath US: +1 310 904 3823