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  1. How does the Intro compare to Phoenix Fly's Prodigy 2?
  2. Where is the cheapest and best place for me to get my Triathlon relined? What's type of lines?? I waiting for aerodyne to reply also.
  3. The problem I see is searching, sabre hard openings, on this site. It would take all night to read the negative responses about sabres. Sorry if I'm offending any sabre owners. Could someone explain what a slider pocket is - how easy/hard, price for rigging service.
  4. I have the oppurtunity to buy a complete rig at a really good price. The problem is the main is a Sabre 170... I've been told by many that I'm guaranteed a brutal opening with a Sabre, despite quality packing. I searched the forums here a found that this does seem to be a pretty substantial problem. I don't meen to start the Sabre debate over again, but I really would like to buy this...but I'm a little scared.
  5. Can someone please describe the difference, in flight characteristics, between 7 and 9 cell canopies.
  6. can anyone help me find a mount of any kind for a sony dvd405. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the answers. I appreciate it. Kinda is the same thing, but I think you know what I ment.
  8. After psycho packing the canopy is rolled to fit nicely in bag. Can this be done pro packing. I like pro packing but I have an easier time getting the canopy in the bag when psycho packing. Would this be acceptable or a bad idea?
  9. It is too late now, but I had some medical stuff that I had to take care of on Friday and my mother drove 12 hours from Minneapolis to visit me this weekend. Thought it might be rude to drag her out to GA. Next time... do you go everwhere? Where are you going to be next?
  10. I wish I could GOOOO! I am so frustrated, just to give everyone a heads up though, there are like 10 SIUC skydiving Club alumni coming out there for the weekend. So I am thinking if they heard about it (not from me) I am sure alot of others from all over will be there too. That might suck, but hey, a free skydive is the best thing in the world that I can think of.
  11. Mine is a Tokei flower, it means clock in Japanese, it is really pretty, actually look slike a clock.