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  1. 1:41 Filmed from RC drone, I believe. All Satori videos are best of the best. So cool.
  2. Nope. Physics is a b..tch. Motors are speeding up almost instantly. From lower flying setting of 50% power to top 100% is like 1-2 seconds. But the air need time to be compressed and to move from motors section to fly zone. So 50-100% acceleration takes about 5-7 seconds and this is quite noticeable.
  3. as I see it, AZ tunnel is aimed for skydivers. Almos every other tunnel aiming at first timers as their primary income.
  4. interesting. I really would like to see something built by science windtunnel engineers, not by skydivers. Last generation of tunnels (both iFly and ISG) are great, actually not much could be done better, from my point of view. So maybe these guys will find a way to make bigger tunnels with less consumption? :)
  5. Inka rocks :) Saw her progress from average flyer to world star. Top dedication and sparkling personality.
  6. I would gladly go to work there but a)I am not US citisen and b)not a Skyventure certified, ISG only :( Seriously, this seems to be a nice place to work. Now they have a bigger boat, they only need a bigger tunnel :)
  7. We here have a planning software integrated with web site and video/photo suite as a commercial product, written by our programmers. It is also integrated with ShiftPlanning for staff and with online banking apps. So our guests just use this system. I wonder, maybe your host tunnel have something like this already?
  8. It's the same SkyVenure design as their 16ft tunnels in USA. Good tunnel, good staff. May be a little hot in a hot day, ISG systems handle high temperature better than SkyVenture. I'm no good in RW so no personal experience here, but Moscow had a world-champion class RW coaches. BTW Freezone is a home tunnel of new world freefly champions and my good friends Misha and Sasha aka TunnelRats :) Ask them for accomodation. They have a bunkhouse right next to the tunnel and good (by Russian standards) hotel in Chekkov town. I would like to advertise my home tunnel FlyStation in Saint-Petersburg :), but honestly Freezone is better for 4-way RW. Hook up with Elizaveta, she will help you out.
  9. It definitly gets worse. But the world situation is different from cold war era. Europe want gas and othe natural resourses. For some countries this is a critical and they willl negotiate with Hitler or Bin Laden or Satan if needed. Even Germany, strongest EU country, needs Russian gas, not for heat/electricity, but for their plants and factories. Yes, it could be replaced. No, it could not be replaced quick. also, China is really big player now. And they are interested in Russia's eastern regions.
  10. I'd say that they did not quite understood Russian mentality. Sanctions and pictures of 'evil Russians killing babies' does not make people turn against Putin and elect someone else. This just making easy for government to depict West as an enemy and actually make people angry about USA and Europe. Generation who actually fought war against practically whole Europe is still alive. Every Russian family lost someone in this war. So it is really easy to manipulate these feelings and this is exactly what happens right now. If West want to fortify Putin's regime, they doing exactly right.
  11. Yea, everybody knows this is a true. Just like WMD in Iraq. You just said that the investigation does not progress because investigators does not want to get shot. I agree with that - it seems that the situation is a total mess. Have you seen pictures of children killed by GRAD bombardment of 'separatists' regions? We have plenty of them. But stating this (no progress in investigation), how could you know that plane was shot down by separatists? I'm impressed. Damn, guys - you made me defend [email protected] Putin. The person I would like to see hanging on a light pole.
  12. Thanks, did not see this before. So, identification of a type of AA missile system should not be a problem then.
  13. You are a perfect example of what I am talking. I was talking about the plane shot down, you bring body thieves to topic. Yes, my media showed them to me and yes, they should be shot right away in the field - but what these bastards have to do with the cause of the catastrophe? FYI, they are not Russians - they are Ukranian locals - this is Ukraine's territorry. To be honest, couple of Russian soldiers did the same with Poland's president plane crash some years ago - they were court martialled afterwards. About investigator clearance - I saw that both sides are accusing other in this. Separatists stated a DMZ over a crash site and Ukranian army start a mortar bombardment - this is one of the examples. Everyone is telling his own story. To make myself clear - I am anti-Putin as it could be. I do not support separatists, I am not a big fan of new neo-nazi Ukraine either. I just sick of media manipulations and have a feeling that we all, Russians and Westerners, made a serious wrong turn some weeks ago, and still press on the throttle on a dead end street. BTW, question - how do you see future? What exactly West trying to achieve and how you see Russia's reaction? What could be done and what never happen, how do you think?
  14. I was talking about pieces itself. They clearly identify not only if it is a GtoA orr AtoA missil, but even if it BUK, BUK-M, S200/300 or another AA system. Ok, I clicked your links. MH17 jet 'downed by missile shrapnel,' says Ukraine Ukraine official: Black box shows missile shrapnel downed Malaysian flight MH17 MH17: Black boxes show shrapnel from rocket caused Malaysia Airlines crash, Ukraine says These were first 3 Seriously? Like, for real - you use this as an argument? Official international investigators says abot 'shrapnel holes' and 'black boxes shows explosion decompression due to shrapnel missile explosion' - I agree with that. But they do not show the projectiles, while there should be enough of them. As I said, this is strange.
  15. So - no evidence on the plane yet? BUK missile leaves a cloud of about 500 shrapnel pieces. None found in debris? Really strange to me. I have an impression that no one really cares about the truth. Bodies buried, sanctions and bans applied from both sides, Russians are depicted as a baby-killing warmongers to Western World and Westeners looks like USA-Zionist plot muppets in Russian propaganda and social media. Families broken, Putin is stronger than ever and the society is on the brink on mass insanity. Thank you, Western countries - you played this the worst way possible. Who really cares about the actual killers now? Deal is done.
  16. I have no idea, frankly. actually the more information we getting, the more it confusing. If rebels wanted to put down this (or any) plane with this particular vehicle, they need to solve some pure technical problems, which requires a very very good team of technicians and military specialists - I am not sure there is enough of them in the Russian regular army. first of all, both rebels and Ukranian army said that the vehicle was INOP when rebels took it. You could not fix this stuff in the woods. Usually you'll need a 'donor' vehicle. In the regular army repair like this will take some weeks and requires both technicians and supply - why rebels ever need to do this if Ukranian Air Force does not have any planes flying at these altitudes&speeds? Everything they hit before was downed with light AA missiles, they are way simpler, cheaper and require no special personnel. You'll need a whole trained team. They are not a regular soldiers (and surely not a guerilla fighters), this is a bunch of well-trained ppl who use sophisticated weapon. You could not just gather up a bunch of partisans and fire the missile. You need a radar, period. To really use this missile as a AA countermeasure you need a good radar coverage. Without proper target asquisition from radar station you could not really cover anything - you need to know bearing before attacking plane enters the reach of the unit. So actually there is just does not make any sense to drag this big and gently (and dangerous - missiles DO explode because of inproper handling) vehicle around while fighting ground war. At least, I could not figure out any - if only they knew for sure that one day they'll get some information leak and be able to set up the system before target show up. Just my thoughts, as an engineer and rear Navy leutenant (Artillery and Missile Weapons). I really would like to see one theory which I could belive, but to this moment I didn't see any.
  17. Russian here. I do not know if you guys (and your governments) understand it or not, but harsh sanctions only making Putin stronger. Actions os USA and EU, who punished Russia without showing some real proofs of either missile launch or weapon supply (link to 'social media' is just hilarious, don't you think so?) only making the image of Westrn World as an enemy of Russia stronger. Another thing is that sanctions and change of world' perception of Putin made him absolutly non-cooperable. He could not give up his post - that will be end of him. He could not look forward for safe life after retirement, with the money he have in Western banks. The only hope for him - keep pressing on, no matter what. Every card he have will be used, and there are really very few of them left - and one is ultra-nationalism and ksenophobia, and they already reached dangerous levels and growing. New world war seems not so unrealistic now. To prevent innecessary flame, some points - I don not support Putin - I do not support Ukraininans either, they use so much of neo-Nazi force, and I still remember that that part of my family (I am a half-jew) was killed in Lvov during WWII not by Germans, but by their Ukranian neighboors - We still do not know real facts about the plane. Rebeld had a BUK AA, but only the missile vehicle. You could fire from teh vehicle alone, without a command vehicle and radar control (there is addidtional radar on the vehicle itself), but you have very narrow window where you could detect a target and make a launch. You need to know exactly what bearing and angle you need to look at _before_ target wil enter the controlled airspace. My personal bet is that plane was blasted by rebels, but they probably recieve a decieveng information from Ukranian side, probably telling that there will be a supply cargo plane. They knew the altitude, bearing and time.
  18. What wrong with Sirius? I know about glass broke due some nasty LF vibration, are you address this incident? I believe they have fixed all the issues.
  19. Yes. I flew in Moscow, Hollywood, Arizona, Orlando, Nashua, Prague, SF and Utah. I working for Flystation, which is ISG tunnel. I like round walls in IFly/SV tunnels, but prefer wind in IGS systems. To be honest, I didn't have a chance to fly in new generation SV tunnels (like Singapoure or XP), so my experience may be a little outdated. ISG systems are really super smooth, even in a very hot weather. Right now we are running at 100% open vent doors and this does not seriously affect anything. In Moscow tunnel during summer we usually had like +40 C inside and really bad turbulence which makes flying at high speed really uncomfortable. Just my opinion.
  20. this is very uniquie, actually. I know only Eloy and Paraclete tunnels where business model is really different from the others, thanks to skydivers and military contracts. every other tunnel lives on first timers. skydivers fills the off-peak hours.
  21. that's the sad part - I trowed all papers away just a week before getting this letter :( stupid deal, but I had absolutely no idea that this case is not closed 3 month before... And as I remember, there wasn't anything like 'Visitor' or 'Encounter'. Just my name, and 'X-ray of right foot'. I would like to thank everyone who spend their time to answering me and giving advices. I really feel bad about this - I hate to have debts (I am no American so I'm not used to live on credit :) ), the very idea of being owed to somebody depress me. But it seems that there no mant ways to solve this - I am certainly not in the position where I could send 1K of money for what I didn't ever got.
  22. hmm, yes :) I thought this is over when I paid my bill upfront. I still considering to send this mail to a trash can, so I am not THAT honest. But, generally I am law-abiding and do not feel good about making a fraud. But in this particular case, it seems that the fraud was on me - maybe this not a fraud, but they are definitly used the fact that I am a forigner, my English is far from perfect and I do not have any idea about the healthcare system and the way it works there.
  23. So this is normal when they do not show you any numbers? My credit card slip was saying 'right ancle xray - 97usd' and that was only number i knew and only number i authorized. So they now could say - ok, your treatment cost 100 000 and i need to pay that? Trying to figure it out. I really want to play it fair, but it seems that i'll just leave them with funny perspective of collecting money from soneone from Russia.
  24. Yes. Since the said amount was like 97 usd, i tell them that i will pay right now. No questions about insurance were asked.
  25. I had it, but all the bills should be settled within a month. So i didn't have any. And i was asking several times if I covered expence with my payment upfront, and receive affirmative answer. I would not go for 900 dollars xray. And, moreover, i did not get any results at all. So i could not quite understand why I am charged for the job which no one ever did, let alone the amount. I suspect a fraud there. I went to yelp and found several cases like this.