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  1. Hey Doc to setup private tournaments PokerStars requires a player to have acquired so many FPP's (Frequent Player Points) before they will let you. I think it's 1500. You don't have to still have 1500 in your account, but you have to at least have acquired that many FPP's over the course of your time with PokerStars. After that, you just go to Requests--->Private Tourneys--->Create Tournament from the main menu of the PokerStars client. Takes about 30 seconds to setup. I have been able to for a while, I think I may have had to email PokerStars Support to have them enable the option in the program. Not sure about that though.
  2. Hmmm hey I noticed the same thing...No tournament! So I created one and called it Skydive (Radio) Here. Same rules...Only problem is that when you create a tourney, it has to be an hour out at least from the current time. So the earliest I could get was 8:35 CT. Hope the see some people there! Same pwd.. toggle Thanks. I hope I am not offending any Skydive Radio guys by creating the tourney! :)
  3. Wow thanks for all the input guys! I still haven't made up my mind...If I wasn't a skydiver I would pick the Pentax hands down...And I won't be jumping camera anytime soon...But when I do it looks like the Canon is a better choice since it's proven. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I'm in the market for my first DSLR camera and would hope to someday use my purchase for freefall stills. So far, the Pentax K10D is leading the pack as my choice for my normal photography use, but I was wondering if anyone sees any reason I couldn't use it for freefall photography in the future, or if it would be a bad choice. Thanks for any help / Tips / Advice anyone can offer. I really like this camera for its price, the megapixels, the shake reduction, the weatherproofing, and the fact that is uses SD/SDHC memory unlike the other camera I was thinking about. (The Canon XTI which only uses CF, doesn't have shake reduction and no weather seals) http://www.pentaxslr.com/bodies/k10 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxk10d/ Thanks!
  5. Try the new Instant Echecks option. It's free and instant, and works. All you need a check with a routing number and your account number... :)
  6. Nice! Good job. Sounds like you went about it as best can be done solo and great story! I bet that was quite a rush.
  7. I never met Tonto in person, but I can tell from my interaction with him on the forums and via PM's that he was one heck of a stand-up guy. We got to know eachother over a disagreement, but after the dust cleared from that we "Shook hands" so to speak and he offered to give me advice any time, about anything. You could really tell he wanted me to pursue my goals....And achieve them. And he was willing to help a new jumper all the way from South Africa, without ever having met me. Eric and I were discussing an incident that I saw and he heard about - And he sent me this, and I thought it was appropriate to post here: "When something like that happens - close - and we see it, and participate in the aftermath, it can traumatise us at worst, and raise questions about our own mortality at best....Whatever we do, we must not stop caring about those who are hurt or are killed. " He was the guy that helped me get over that shock of seeing my first major incident...And get out jumping safely again...And that is some of the best advice he ever gave me above, for what it's worth. Blue Skies Tonto...
  8. Thanks for that J.Mark. It's taking all I have not to call or email this guy and say something like "Hey Paul, I'm a fellow co-worker working for so and so and I was thinking about trying out skydiving but I heard you had an incident where both of your parachutes failed! What happened???" Luckily though the girl who was actually thinking about doing a tandem at work, then heard about this guy and asked me about it decided to go through with it anyway and did a tandem last Saturday, loved it, and is now thinking about going through AFF. Of course, everyone else at work around this guy still apparently thinks that "Both parachutes randomly fail quite often for no apparent reason" and think that he did everything right because of his story.
  9. Interesting, thanks for the new info. From what I can gather it appears that he opened into linetwists that he wasn't able to clear for some reason, and the instructor advised him to initiate EP's....And the reserve sounds like it opened properly after that...With a no-flare landing off the DZ perhaps....And not pulling down a toggle to collapse the canopy and subsequently being drug over the ground for apparently quite some ways. Then he decided to sue the DZ.
  10. Very interesting indeed. Are there any Archway people around that can fill us in?
  11. I can promise you I am not lawyer, I have made many of these skyjumps with a parachute many times out of the Boeing 737 jets - I jump in NewFoundland at Skyjump Wabana just talk to anyone there...But don't call this week because their phones are down due to the ice storm...And I know it doesn't come up on google, we're working on that... Ok just kidding, I made that up. I wish I was a lawyer - Then I could get a better Rig, Car, House, and girlfriend! Not sure how you came to that assumption Doug, sorry if I came across that way. I'm just interested to find out what this guys malfunction was, and what his reaction was, because apparently he tells everyone at work that "Both my parachutes didn't open". I'm less interested in the lawsuit, but I can't find out the end result of that either so that would be interesting to know. I'm just suprised I didn't find any record of this in the forums...
  12. Can anyone tell me what happened with this incident and the lawsuit? I came across a few websites with short news articles but was wondering what actually happened on the jump. I also searched the forums but nothing came up. The reason I ask is, I think I might work with this guy and everyone is saying "Yeah his parachutes didn't open when he went skydiving!" So I'm trying to figure out what the malfunction / issue that happened really was and get the "Real story". "Paul Bloebaum of Troy, Illinois, wanted to try skydiving. He went to Archway Skydiving Center where he took lessons, initialed 25 paragraphs of a release waiver and signed the waiver acknowledging that he "understood the risks and would not hold the center responsible if anything went wrong." Bloebaum has filed a lawsuit after being injured from his jump to void that release. He alleges his parachute lines became tangled and he was unable to pull an emergency chute in enough time to slow his fall and thus shattered bones in his left shoulder and injured his leg. The skydiving center claims that his injuries result from trying to untangle the parachute lines after he landed. Bloebaum said he knew there was a risk but never gave a second thought to the release and admits he did not read it thoroughly. "
  13. Still time to register for the late tourney!!
  14. [Thanatos340] SAYS: "In my opinion it is just a matter of time before We have a serious problem from all the dogs at the DZ. I know of at least one dog that has already snipped at a few people. ANY dog that bites me or my daughter will be shot, Right then, Right there." Man, that's rough. What if your daughter comes up to me while I'm at the DZ and hits me in the head with a baseball bat? Should I respond the same way? And do you carry a gun with you on the DZ at all times? Shite, I dont' think I want to jump at your DZ. Or piss you off on a tracking dive for that matter, never know what you might pull out of your jumpsuit and I don't carry a piece with me in the plane. :) My dog bit someone once. This guy was throwing rocks and sticks at my dog, hitting her in the face, yelling at her. I'd like to see what would have happened if he had shot her "Right then, right there". Guess I wouldn't have internet access right now in order to write this.