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  1. You have a weak mind. Yes it was faster but not straight down you dummy.
  2. Schuebeler Jets has a new unit coming out that i have to sign a waiver for and present a safety plan but it produces over 60 lbs and a very high speed. When i hit the button on my ds-94 i can feel a little power my my goal has been to go bigger once im use to the baby motor.
  3. Im jumping it again today. I agree on the level flight thing and thats not what im going for. I am going for speed. The jump was fast i will not deny it. But in fact i got a slightly better glide angle at a very high speed 200mph. That is why the jump was so short. I covered the same distance and angle just much faster. I am very pleased with the results. I am building it for base jumping so anything over a few minutes of power is not necessary for me. Like it or not. Its super fun. My friends trying to film said i was out ahead at the same glide but pulling away. No chance on them catching up.
  4. Going light speed with Aura 2 and electric Jetpack. More jumps and flysight data soon. Squirrel Rocks! Enjoy
  5. Thanks I appreciate that it does take alot of work. The model im jumping in the video is all about speed and racing(still managed to pull over the landing area at like 600 ft but def has tweaking I could only get it up to 115 MPH according to fly sight) The next one is going to be called the Pro Buzzard and it will have better gliding characteristics and a faster start. I have been building up my manufacturing capabilities and will have no problem producing suits soon. Its been long 5 years of learning but im almost ready to provide the wingsuit world with a new brand to choose from.
  6. I was out Test Base Jumping a prototype Phat-Bird "Buzzard" wingsuit and "Dumpster" harness and container system off Brento a while ago. And i was very pleased with the way the suit and rig performed. I am working on a new prototype of both the Buzzard and the Dumpster that will be my final production model. I hope to have more information and website running soon with more info, videos, and pictures, etc. Until then here are two links for some of the raw footage from two of the jumps. Remember when watching that my exit weight is about 250lbs and my friend Ted videoing is flying a v-4. Any feedback is appreciated. I will post updates as they come along. Thanks for your time and Look for Phat Birds Flying around soon... Test Base Jump Raw Footage:
  7. Ouch.... Just watched this video on Dont know who it is or where is is at but all i can say is try not to hit a trailer on landing........ Double ouch just thinking about it.....
  8. What about a event with everything combine. Do a load with distance challenge then, on the next load do a flat formation , then do a load of another flying style. Just mix it up the entire event. Also, Do mixed up contest style jumps through out the day. You could also have a hat with a bunch of different style jumps on pieces of paper. Have someone draw out what type of jump is going to be next. And then top it off with a beer fest challenge each night.
  9. Dude that was funny, but it cut out before it got to the good stuff....
  10. Here you guys go. I finally got a little bit better video up. Its from the third jump on it. Up to eleven jumps on it now with no issues. Enjoy.
  11. Just noticed a bunch of points missing from this track. It must have lost signal. Look at points 150 and on. I will make some setting changes for the next jump
  12. Alright at the DZ and got two more jumps in my suit again today. Was hoping to get more but our otter had a issue. Anyways, This is the google earth file and excel spread sheet from the first jump i did this morning. I was flying good on the crosswind leg, then when i turned back i realized if i kept flying at the same angle i was going to pass up the dz. My fault , i was jumping with some one and he spotted us to close. Anyways i put myself in more of a dive as you can tell. The second jump went better but my gps lost the signal and didnt pick back up till 6500' for some reason. Anyways. I found the sweet spot on the last one. Going to do some more jumps and upload data as soon as i do. A few more flights and im confident that the numbers will drastically improve.
  13. It all good im getting some p90x and climbing more towers. ill be a 12lb bowling ball in no time. Then ill fly by and cock slap you across the face. Blam. It was only my third jump on it give me a few more and lets see what happens. Plus i have a new gps thing sitting right in front of me and im trying to figure it out so i can jump it this weekend. I just want the video to look at whenever it no big deal. Now get back to the corner hoe!
  14. Thanks, The design and building process has taken a lot of my time and sanity away, but i am starting to get both back with each successful jump i make. Anyways I just ordered the Wintec WBT-202. I should have it in a few days. We will see how good it works. I am going to try to make some more jumps in the suit this weekend. I will def keep everyone posted with my progress.
  15. Missed out man, I got one in on Sunday. Jumped with a V-2 had a fun fast flock. Managed to stay with each other pretty good. Working on getting the video from the Granny tranny i jumped with. Plan on doing some more jumps this weekend. I am also ordering on of these Once i get it i should be able to get some gps data to upload. If anyone suggest using a better gps unit let me know. ANyways So far the suit has held up well and all the wings have stayed pressurized and solid. It has alot of power and range, im just still trying to find the sweet spots in the suit. It has performed far better than i ever expected. I will have some better video and hopefully flight data soon. Later
  16. Blam, Here is the first jump i did on my new suit, The Buzzard,My friend filming was in a v-3 and had a little trouble keeping up with the forward speed. I didn't have any issue with the wings flapping. Everything stayed pressurized and started flying fast. No issues with suit rip-page at all. I jumped it a second time last week with no video. i plan on getting a few in this weekend. Ill upload new video as i get it.
  17. Almost finished. Im thinking two or three days and it will be ready to jump.
  18. I decided to make my own because it is something i have always wanted to do. There were a bunch of people who were convinced that i couldnt build one so i did. It is really rewarding jumping your own creation. Def not cheaper. I could have bought two new suits for the amount of time and money i have already spent getting to the point im at.
  19. Thanks, Yeah that was the issue on the first one. I was using a shit machine and that was the only way i could get it to sew. I upgraded to a double needle with walking foot and i am doing about 7 per inch now and using e thread. Ill be posting more pics at the end of the week.
  20. Its still secret because im not showing the guts.....The flap is only a cover.
  21. Egh maybe i can see that. I really just drew a wing that i thought would fly really fast and good this is what came out. I guess ive been around alot Vampires so it might have influenced my sketch subconsciously. The ribs have a rigid foam center so it only needs a small vent to get inflated. I tested with a high power fan and they filled up quick. The leg wing is also going to have this.
  22. Alright, after a while of being locked away planning gathering materials and new sewing machines i have finally almost finished The Phat Bird-Buzzard. Im just posting pics of the completed arm wings. I have the leg wing done and almost all the body pieces cut out, but i wont post them until im done(hopefully by the end of next week)we shall see. Sorry for the pic quality poor lighting when i took them.
  23. Ill be there with some stippers and blow and maybe a new suit.... 1. Purple Mike 2. BASE 851 (aka Ted) 3. Matt Hoover 4. Simon Bones 5. Surely 6. BranDee Allen 7. Breanna Joy 8. Cate Heneghan 9. Jon Murrell 10. Michelle Barrett 11. Nick 12. 13. teresacolaluca 14. Travis Jones
  24. For my new vent i am using a scoop that is 1/8th inch closed cell foam wrapped in parapak. Make the "scoop" slightly bigger than the actual vent. Then sew it on the vent bending the left over material in a "dome shape" above the vent. Sorry if i cant really explain it. Could show you but i am at my office with no camera or vents. Like i said tricky. but just get a shit load extra materials and start making some prototype vents until you figure out what ones you want to use.
  25. Good luck!!! Its alot trickier than it seems. Hope you have a machine with manual tension. Otherwise it is going to be hell sewing a wingsuit. 69 e thread is not going to run well in any home machine. Trust me i know. Thats why i threw the pos home machine out and bought two bigass commercial machines. Also make sure the tension isnt two tight and that you go slow, or the fabric will bunch up and wont look good or or go where you want it. Your going to need a hot knife, alot of safety pins, extra material on top of the extra you already bought, good light, 69 ethread(very important), Around size 18 needle seems to work pretty good, chalk, some whiskey, paper board to draw out patterns. and alot of patients. I am bulding a tracking suit after i finish up the new Phat Bird that i am working on right now. Hopefully i have it done in 6ish weeks or less. I will post some pics soon. It is starting to look way sicker than the orig Phat Bird, and it Should function about 110% better..... Tony and Robi better watch out, im getting better at this wingsuit making business...