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  1. Hi All, I've been teaching courses for camera flyers for many years, and recently started to do it online which is way more convenient, please check this link if you're interested, thanks! FlyCamera_Course_Teaser.mp4
  2. 3. 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Perfect lens for the job, and is autofocus. Get a UV multicoated filter and you're set. Also I use a 49-52mm step-up ring as a means of sunhood/protection
  4. Hi All, evidently you didn't know the Sony pancake 16mm... Several of us we been using it here at Empuriabrava for shooting tandems for over 4 years and is perfect for the job. Of course is an autofocus lens... Its 24mm equivalent, I think is the minimum angle to use, specially alongside a GoPro. It matches our Sony's CX410/430 with boss perfectly. I don't like the kit lens because it retracts, but is usable if you're in a budget, which shouldn't be the case if you are getting pay for shooting tandem customers. There's a manual focus 12mm available in several brands. But I like the autofocus because you can get interesting close ups of the passenger with a blurred background. And of course the crown Sony 10-18, which is expensive but light and very good. Good times to be a cameraman!
  5. Don't worry, my lens was designed to resolve 8K...
  6. yep, in the manual says the VMC-AVM1 adapter is not compatible, the same like in almost every model since the CX410/430... Looking forward for your test with my wide angle converter lens! :-)
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