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  1. Like Mailin said, Jumptown Rocks! Come on down.
  2. Congratulations on your 1st jump! Believe it or not it only gets better I'm not sure about prices at Peperell, since I jump in Orange MA (Jumptown). But it all depends on how well you do in AFF. If you nail them all after your tandem progression (3) tandems, you can be cleared for solo status after 5 jumps (at Jumptown anyway). After that you do coach jumps. You need 25 jumps total for your A license. As far as gear is concerned it depends on what you get. New gear will cost you about 5 G's. But you can get a good used rig for $3000 or less. Come on over & check us out sometime.Good luck & have fun
  3. Maybe I'm wrong, but based on issues that have come up at my dz, for someone just off student status this seems a little too agressive for this guys LAST CHANCE. Like I said, I'm still very new to this sport. When I have to go for silver I wouldn't want to find out then that my reserve was too small fo my experience level. Just mho.
  4. Who is your instructor? I cant believe that he cleared you to jump a rig with a 1.2 on the reserve. What you have to consider is that when things go to shit your not going to have a whole lot of options. your gonna be low, disoriented, and in deep shit if you have to land that reserve in a small area or downwind.All I'm saying is that when your in trouble and have to go to reserve you're probably not gonna have ideal landing conditions. I would talk to Ray and get his input.I'm still a newbe with 115 jumps but I would not jump it.
  5. You're gonna have a blast with the spectre, but I would be concerned with the wing loading on your reserve though, that 30 squ. feet can make a big difference. When you're already in a world of shit the last thing you should be worried about is trying to land a reserve thats flying alot faster than your main. Have your instructors talked to you about this? If not you should bring it up.
  6. Ask someone at the dz if they are scheduling water traing and sign up. I did mine Friday.
  7. Deep breaths, the slower the better and dont rush out the door , take your time. Its no biggie if you do have to repeat a jump or a couple of jumps, youll learn to relax more with more jumps.
  8. Come on down to Jumptown, this weekend is gonna be big. Lots of cool stuff going on, fo whatever your into.
  9. Watch baseball, you never see the runner do a somersault across home plate.Quote Do you really think thats applicable here?
  10. PLF is only an essential skill for people who have a problem with taking long layoffs, waiting for broken bones to heal. You'll see how "non-essential" it is when the wind shifts on final and you're forced to land down wind on a breezy day.Or when you flare alittle high and find yourself falling under a stalled canopy from 15 feet up. A good PLF can mean the difference between a broken back and a bruised ego. It saved my ass plenty of times.
  11. Yeah, What they said... Jumptown Rocks. Come on down!
  12. Welcome to the forums! This is gonna be the best summer ever. You're gonna love it. Just pick your training method and Uh, try not to go broke
  13. If you jumped, it counts. If you were pushed, it counts. If you fell out, it counts. Welcome
  14. I stand corrected , it's definitly at the top of the list. That guy sounds like he died of constapation not smoking pot, good retort though. Alcohol is still alot more dangerous than pot.
  15. [Quote]hate to rain on your parade, but no it's not: Alcohol is one of the #1 killers in America, nobody has ever died from smoking pot. Dont get me wrong you can get cancer from smoking anything, carbon monoxide causes cancer, but compared to : Damage to the liver, pancreas, central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. Permanent and irreversible memory loss. Development of cirrhosis of the liver and cancers of the lung, throat and mouth. (That's right alcohol causes cancer too) Death from heart and liver diseases, pneumonia, acute alcohol poisoning, accidents and suicide. It is estimated that 300,000 of today's college students will eventually die of alcohol-related causes, such as cirrhosis of the liver, various cancers, heart disease and drunk driving accidents Not to mention all of the domestic abuse and other alcohol related violence that happens every day, thanks to legal; alcohol, but I cant sit on my freakin couch and smoke a joint!!!!! It's easy to turn a blind eye to the things that we do, an look at the risks and dangers of things that we don't.