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  1. I'm sorry this was such an intriguing subject I had to read. First of all VERY FUNNY stories! 2nd, I've done about 8 tandem jumps (as a passenger), and I'm not sure if Ive eaten before them or not. But most times jumping now I don't eat all day when I'm jumping. Partly its cause I'm busy and my body gets distracted with fun and forgets to get hungry, and partly because my stomach feels better jumping empty then, full. So my point, oh yeah, Why is it that not eating makes them puke? What does eating have to do with it? Is it like build up of acid, due to stress of jumping or something like that? Muff Brother 3723
  2. Ok, dumb question: What is the difference with a tandem passenger pulling the ripcord in the plane and a fun jumper pulling his pilot in the plane? If the door is open isn't it just as dangerous? Muff Brother 3723
  3. Why don't you fill out your name? So maybe us other LIers can know who you are. LI is done til April, Xkeys and the Ranch go year round, groups desparate for some air, frequent trips to stay current. Muff Brother 3723
  4. Does anyone know where you can, as a civilian do a HALO jump? And is there any bases that allow you to ride in a Jet? Muff Brother 3723
  5. Yes it did, I mounted the clip with they tyes they provided, and then secured the protrack into the clip with the rubber bands they provided. Muff Brother 3723
  6. That is exactly how I lost it, on its 5th jump, on opening. I'm trying to contact the company, but am having little luck! Muff Brother 3723
  7. My next question was about developing deafness from the noises of skydiving, free fall, the plane, etc. Muff Brother 3723
  8. I lost my protrack after only 5 jumps! Anyone hear of the company replacing it? Muff Brother 3723
  9. Does anyone find they have problems with their ears aching after a lot of jumping? Maybe I'm just getting a cold, but I jumped more then usual over the weekend and then took a commercial flight and was in so much pain on the flight my ears just wouldn't pop! And today they still hurt! Muff Brother 3723
  10. My protrack after only 5 jumps, it taunted me beeping as it went away!!! Muff Brother 3723
  11. I just got about 3 inches cut off my hair which was down to my butt. I used to do pigtail braids, but found I was getting beaten up when freeflying. Now I do one braid in the back, and have never had a problem with it even snagging a little on anything. The other forum had some very helpful hints, good luck. Now I'm thinking twice, maybe a swim cap isn't a bad idea! Muff Brother 3723
  12. I can't even remember even ever seeing a bird in freefall or under canopy. I don't think birds spend that much time in flight to where they would be around long enough for a meat bomb to interfere with their daily routine. JMO Muff Brother 3723
  13. I began skydiving after my son was already over a year old, and jumped once pregnant with my daughter. After he birth I just kept on jumping. I don't bring her to the dz, just cause I'm there to jump and I don't want to worry whose keeping an eye on her or what kind of trouble she's getting into. I think children do change your life but I don't believe you should sacrifice something you love just because you have a child. You make it work because its something important to you. Good luck! Muff Brother 3723
  14. A silly fear I have is spotting. I hate the responsibility of deciding if the 'spot is good'. If I wait too long people start to yell (nothing like a little pressure) because we all know the first person out if they take too long they fuck up the spot for the other people on the plane, and if I go too soon I fuck it up for me and have to fight to make it back. I dread being the first one out of the door! Muff Brother 3723
  15. I hate floating! I tried it twice, the first time I freaked in the propblast, and took the guy I was jumping with for a ride or tumble as it were! The next time, I just got disoriented and lost my heading, but still had trouble dealing with the propblast! I am fine in the middle of a train exit, with 1 to 3 other people, cause someone else is getting the prop I would love to be at a point where it is comfortable to be outside the plane (and I'm not at all afraid of heights) hanging on and not be bothered at all and in complete control as float. Muff Brother 3723