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  1. Thanks! I am treating it like i'm a first time jumper. Going over the Sim has been a great refresher, but after 4 years and going to a new dz I plan on taking it really slow a learning as much as I can.
  2. Thanks! Ive got my Sim dusted off and i'm reading thru everything you suggested, I have been putting my rig on and practicing my ep's and I talked to the dz about a good refresher course before the jump!
  3. Hey! So I am planning to make my recurrency jump after almost 4 years. I'm feeling nervous but really excited to get back in the air! Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to make a smooth transition back into skydiving?
  4. i lost my sister in a car accident. i feel like every jump i get to spend a little time with her
  5. DangerRoo eeneR dfairleigh11 d_squared431 Efs4ever Futuredivot Gavi_omen goofyjumper grannyinthesky (who added HERSELF!!!) ifall iluvtofly JohnMitchell LeatherNeck5931 McBeth MrFreefall383 Rainbo selbbub78 Shell666 stacey6 stevebabin Turtle ZeG Unstable Madhatter Zenister jennyx
  6. skydive new england..i got my a there and moved west...but i always make it back at least once during the summer
  7. downfall trust company falling down the f ups
  8. i did my first heli jump today! amazing!
  9. jennyx

    Another study

    i like walking...and beer!
  10. i had a great jump now its time for the fat tire.
  11. hey jeff, im going to saftey day on april 1st. if you are around next saturday im going to jumptown if it is nice. i want to get some more jumps in before i move!
  12. hey guys! thanks for the post. i graduated aff 2 1/2 weeks ago and i havent been able to actually do my first solo due to work and weather. im going on sunday! im really excited but a little nervous! i cant wait! and that reminds me i should just buy alot of beer...i owe them for my graduation jump...
  13. let me know when you plan on going!
  14. hey i just finished my aff last week. i found that drinking water really helped me relax. one of the other students suggested it to me...and deep breathing. by the level 4 i was really relaxed and having a great time during freefall