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  1. Future Farmers of America . Sorry I meant FAA If your not here you can't jump
  2. Never heard of a retirement age on tandems but after 40 you have to get your flight medical renewed every 2 years... If you pass that and your safe , if you can still physically do them then go for it. If your not here you can't jump
  3. does anyone know where people are using older Strong Tandem gear? I have 3 tandem rigs over 18 years old. I have a letter from the FFA that says I can use them. However most DZ don't want to use them because the manufacturer says at 18 blah blah blah..... I need to unload them. They are in great shape you would never guess they are 18 or older. I got a letter from Strong letting me use one till it was 20 years old because it was in such good shape...... I'm no longer traveling doing tandems. I have frap hats, camo pants for students, and 3 rigs with cypress..... If your not here you can't jump
  4. I Used BDU pants from army surplus store. Had cordura butt added to mine. Also bought several pairs for my students. If you buy the fun colorful ones in small, med, lg, extra large for the boogies I travel too. About $35 each or 4 for $100. Some times at a boogie there are no suits for students and when they show up in shorts it's nice to have if the landing area isn't soft grass. I have friends that use the motto cross pants they seem to really like them. Reinforced knees and padded butt..... If your not here you can't jump
  5. I Used a camera helmet to film different airplane exits, Cessna 182, Caravan, otter, King Air, I was putting together a video to use as a teaching aid for candidates learning to do tandems. When I got my rating I learned out of one plane. Then I went on to do my next few to get my rating and ended up jumping several planes that I had no idea how to exit. After I became a TI examiner I thought a video the candidates could watch and take a copy home with them would be helpful. It also showed where the camera man would be in different situations on exit etc. If your not here you can't jump
  6. www.skydiveradio.com is where you find the current and archived Skydive Radio episodes If your not here you can't jump
  7. Thats the point... when ya cant get to the DZ but you need some no shit there I was stories or just some bullshit lies to tide you over. If your not here you can't jump
  8. the current show? SDR ? www.skydiveradio.com enjoy! you have about 180 + episodes over the last 6 years to listen to. :) If your not here you can't jump
  9. No SDR is going to continue as ussual. I love SDR and don't plan to ever leave the show. I am just wanting to start a side project. Kind of like A Perfect Circle and Tool or Faith no more and Tomahawk. Same lead singers.. different projects/bands If your not here you can't jump
  10. It would offer a different format and a little more edgy content. Like the difference between Parachutist and Blue skies. If your not here you can't jump
  11. Do you listen to SDR? Would you enjoy listening to another Skydiving show? If your not here you can't jump
  12. Yeah next time let us vote for more then one thing and ad boobies! If your not here you can't jump
  13. Thanks every vote counts! If your not here you can't jump
  14. I was trying to be funny. "mediocre skydivers great people." Also I never toldanyone to go vote I asked please go vote. And I never called anyone a poo head for not doing it. I agree registaring may put some spam in ur e mail. if you dont want to vote thats fine. I love wuffos most of my Family are wuffos. most pilots I know are wuffos. But They ARE nice, great deserving people and SKYDIVERS to boot. Nothing like a little competition. If your not here you can't jump
  15. I paid for my wedding too. but all these flower shops, tux rental, limo services are getting advertisement for sponsoring the contest, the sponsors of the contest are giving it away even if Jamie and Drew don't win. I paid for my skydiving gear, so does that mean nobody should win some kick ass gear at a boogie? Just saying If your not here you can't jump