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  1. I’m not sure it was a just a lazy drouge throw. He is wearing a sweatshirt with thumb holes in it, it looks like the drouge handle may have hung up in the thumb hole. I have warned other instructors at our place about that exact possibility.
  2. I ordered a new wings and stated my canopies as a pd160r and a spectre 190 and they made me a w13. Quote
  3. I think they are a good idea because the handles on a tandem rig are different then they are on a sport rig, to me it is a totally different motion to grab the handles on a sport rig then on a tandem rig. On my sport rig my elbows are close to my body and my motion would be down towards my inner thighs, with a tandem my elbows are higher, my shoulders are shrugged up a bit and the motion is down towards my outer thigh. Yes the handles could be in a different location under a spinning mal then they would be in freefall but all those checks do make a difference, I can't remember looking at my handles during my EPs but my hands always seem to go to the right place. I had 3000 tandems before my first mal, so I had a ton of handle checks before I had to do it for real.
  4. Why was the reserve deployed before the canopy was cutaway?
  5. a few months ago we got a quote $3.60 for 2gig flash drives, but we had to buy 1000 of them to get that price.
  6. I have one in my attic, want it?