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  1. Hi folks!! Ever seen how crazy the human face looks in freefall? I've decided to start a new project called "FreeFall Faces." At this point, all I am wanting to gather is as many crazy faces in freefall as possible. 300 is the goal. The next stage will be design & editing into a scrapbook format. From then on, who knows...maybe a book. Remember "Underwater Dogs?" Similar concept! Send your submissions to: [email protected]
  2. Hi folks!! I started jumping in 1999, took a break in 2004. Now, I'm back at it. Am thinking about coming up to Nationals myself, to see about possibly finding a pickup 4way team. Ya never know what might happen. If you know of any teams out there in the world who are looking for a cameraman by chance, please send my info along! Email: [email protected] Examples of my work: Warp Factor: Team Mokzi: Cheers! Travis Watson
  3. Hey peeps!! Am getting back in to jumping after a good couple year break. Am kind of behind on the latest and greatest on digital skydiver-friendly camcorder technology. Any suggestions on a top-mounted camera sent my way would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. If you know of one, please let me know at: [email protected] Thanks!!
  5. Hi there. I'm trying to locate a rigger in the Nashville, TN area. If you know of one, please let me know at: [email protected] Thanks so much!!
  6. ...I would laugh!! Somebody needs to kill than guy!!! Geez!!!
  7. WELCOME TO AMERICA!! Ya know, this really proves the direction our country is facing, and it's really sad. It seems the moment anyone has more of an open mind and starts to question things, they are hauled away. The reason Kerry nevered questioned Bush was that they are ON THE SAME SIDE. Not in a political party sense, but in a BROTHERHOOD sense.
  8. Sorry!!! I know this isn't a clicky!!! Tontine Audition #100279
  9. Hey check out my vid on YouTube everyone!! I need a fellow skydiver and need your votes, ratings etc. This is how the reality show Tontine is deciding the final 15. I've already made the final 50!!!! The show is a cross between Survivor and Amazing Race: 100 days, 15 contestants, 10 million dollars. Here's the link:
  10. Enlighten me... I read about the Inverted Earth theory (LOL!) and how it states that gravity is the resuly of centrifugal force.
  11. Ya know, that would be a smart thing to do...just in case like a huge meteor was heading this way. Would the goverment tell anyone, no!! It would cause mass hysteria... SO yeah..secret bases...gotta be going on right now.... HEY!! What about all the probes we sent to Mars years ago that suddenly stopped working?? Hmmmmmmmmmm....
  12. I love President Bush. I think he is the BESTEST President EVER!!!!!!!!1
  13. Ya know, just got back from lunch..and here we are arguing over all of this AND I am spending time typing this...and GUESS WHAT!!??? illegals are still crossing the borders as WE SPEAK!!!
  14. Alright everyone!! I am bored at work so here goes!!! Find the number 33 in the internet or give an example of the number 33 you have seen with your eyes lately and post it here!!!! Here's mine, was on internet hoaxes on MSN: 2. Sick Kid Needs Your Help (1989) This gem had its roots in reality. It all began in 1989, when nine-year-old cancer patient Craig Shergold thought of a way to achieve his dream of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records. Craig asked people to send greeting cards, and boy, did they. By 1991, 33 million greeting cards had been sent, far surpassing the prior record. Ironically, however, the Guinness World Records site doesn't contain any mention of Craig Sherwood or a "most greeting cards received" record, presumably because the fine folks at the site don't want to encourage anyone to try to break his mark. (Astonishingly, Guinness doesn't have an entry for world's stoutest person, either, but it does honor the World's Largest Tankard of Beer.)