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  1. dzkid39

    Who I'd most like to meet from

    One of them doesn't have a brain. Sparky Well its that's the case, then I will just have to pick at the zombie goo in his head.
  2. dzkid39

    Who I'd most like to meet from

    The111 and DSE They both have know a lot about Wingsuits and photography. I've been wanting to buy them both a beer and pick their brains.
  3. dzkid39

    YOUNG jumpers????

    The video is buried somewhere in my collection but here is some something.
  4. dzkid39

    YOUNG jumpers????

    I agree. I referenced my first jump because that's when I became a packer as well. It was mostly for my mom and dad at first, but I started packing for the dz soon after that. I think of my first jump as the transition from an observer to a participant.
  5. dzkid39

    YOUNG jumpers????

    I did my first jump and some tunnel time when I was 12. I went through Aff and got my A license at 16. Over the years I've meet a few that started at the same age as me, but no one that started as young as you.
  6. dzkid39

    First jumps on D50

    The mod cost me $200 after the shipping. I got it back in one week and it works great. It was a little expensive but it payed for itself already. If you have any more questions I would be glad to answer them.
  7. dzkid39

    First jumps on D50

    I sent it to Harbortronics and got the D70 mod.
  8. dzkid39

    First jumps on D50

    I just set up my Nikon D50 for freefall. I took my first paid photos.
  9. dzkid39

    Byron Boogie/NCFF ROLL CALL!

    I never really thought i could jump at byron. But noone at the american boogie knew i was 16 till i told them. some people still dont believe i am.
  10. dzkid39

    Byron Boogie/NCFF ROLL CALL!

    well some dzo's just tell me to put im 18 on the waiver
  11. dzkid39

    Byron Boogie/NCFF ROLL CALL!

    im 16
  12. dzkid39

    Byron Boogie/NCFF ROLL CALL!

    I wanna go but i dont think byron will let me jump there.
  13. dzkid39

    Did you sunset track dive ?

    Madera also had a memorial tracking dive. our count was a them them. we tracked to the sun and watched it set in freefall. Then we did some low crew.