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  1. fuck yea clair. shit is soo punk rock! sick!!
  2. Yea Clair Bear, Happy Birthday!!
  3. Well folks, the Americans Parachuting Off Of Objects Parachutable Association is going to try this again. We now have plenty of snow in Tahoe and at the landing area and exit point. This event will be very loosely organized. All we are trying to do is get together some of you ski and snowboard jumpers for a little session. There's not a whole lot of us doing this but over the last year there has been a lot of people getting into it. It would be great to get as many of you freaks together as possible. I hope these dates will work for some of you. Please spread the word to people who might be interested who don't frequent the Dorkzone or Blinc. We hope to organize a competition as well and will let you all know what that will be when you get here. If there is enough interest that is. We will still allow you to jump even if you are not an American but you will have to gain at least 10 pounds by the time you get here and display a loud and cocky attitude during the event to make up for it. When Sunday - Tuesday April 23-25 Where South Shore Lake Tahoe California I know its short notice and not really on a weekend but hopefully you guys can make it. Sunday will be the day we build the jump and anyone who gets here by then can have at it at their leisure. Monday is the scheduled event and Tuesday will be the back up weather day. We put in an order for perfect weather those days so that will be sweet. The cliff is 380 feet but with speed its more like 420. You can jump it on foot too if anyone who can't ride snow wants to come but it is a tad gnarly on foot. The cliff is in Radix and Keen and Able if you want to check it. We have jumped it slider up plenty as well with only one deployment upon impact situation. There should be plenty of lodging in South Lake Tahoe at this time of year for decent rates. The Strawberry Lodge in the town of Strawberry is at the base of the cliff too. What to bring: Skis/snowboard Backcountry gear - beacon, shovel probe (doubtful you will need it I don't think this area has ever slid but bring it anyway.) Your shovel will be necessary to help us build and maintain the jump. Skins and Trekers if you are a skier, snow shoes if you snowboard. The hike to the exit point usually takes about 20 -40 minutes depending on the snow pack. Hopefully we will have a nice boot pack put in before you get there in which case you will not need any of that stuff. Fireworks - stop in Battle Mountain in the Nevada desert if you are driving to get them. This is of course a day time jump so it will be necessary to burn it up! Ask for "Day time fireworks" and fireworks with "parachutes" and smoke bombs. This is kind of a tradition at this cliff. Heavy duty garbage bags - to chuck your extra crap off the cliff in. Use your stuff sack if you want to but it might break. Its fun to do this and somebody can always land right next to the gear bag. Plus when ski basing its nice to have empty pockets and no front butt. Video Camera! - To document our idiocy! Tarp for packing outside - You might have to repack outside on pavement. Two way radio - Will need this for the competition and for when to exit. We will be playing "Spot the Wind Gust" a lot at this cliff and since you won't be standing right at the exit point before you go you will need to know when to push off and when not to. At the start of where you ski from the wind is always totally different and calm. Radios make this possible. Line Twist recovery skills - Skis and boards tend to whip the newbies into line twists which are hard to kick out of with those heavy tools strapped to your feet. So be prepared to correct your heading before you clear the twists and then be prepared for the rest of us to have a good laugh at your expense. Of course it won't happen to me because I will be at the bottom all day watching and nursing my dislocated hip. A sense of humor - 4th grade sarcasm is best. You can PM ClifHuckstable either here or on the Dork Zone for more info and questions. PMs still work when banned from the Dork Zone. Please let us know asap if you are going to come. We need to get a head count. Clif Huckstable
  4. FREE CLIFHUCKSTABLE!!!! 60 days for naming the location of an organized event?? WTF?
  5. Way to go Holmes! You earned that achievement every step of the way. You put your time in and payed your dues. Nothin better than a nor cal local accomplishing that feat at nor cals sickest wall!!