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  1. scotty you will be missed... you are loved... and you will always be in my heart and thoughts.... thank you for everything you shared with me... you were always nothing but a true friend... i will always love you for that... god speed too you my friend... and blue skies. Send lawers, guns and money!!!!! The shit has hit the fan!
  2. this is my home dz. dave and company are the best. friendly relaxed atmosphere there to have fun safely and have alot of it...... learned everything there from 8 way to sit flying to aff to downsizing parachute. rigger service is excellent i have bought all my gear through them, just a good dz all around period... the best...
  3. jump master sucked out of a c-141 while turning to give the thumbs up signal to the other jm at the other door. his reserve handle caught a rivet on the door and one sec he was there and 1/2 sec later a loud thud and something was missing. it took about 3 more seconds to figure out it was the jm... it's not my hairy moment i was third man in the first stick & we still to make the night jump onto cicily dz. with the safety doing jm. bad vibes that night... other than a may west or a sqid nothing much to tell. reserves work so use them... Send lawers, guns and money!!!!! The shit has hit the fan!
  4. yes you will most definatly don't worry, and once you have to pull your reserve you'll feel completely comfotable with your equipment and your ability to handle the situation, just remember don't be that person that lost thier head when they needed it, stay calm, cool and collected do what you've been taught and you will have a 5.0 landing balls of the feet, thigh, butt, pull up muscle and roll... it's all in your ablity to stay in control of the situation. AIRBORNE Send lawers, guns and money!!!!! The shit has hit the fan!
  5. i totaly agree with your stance on this fuck all those who think taking drugs is cool. 5,000 feet is not where you want to realize your messed up and cant control the situation. don't bring it around me and don't under any circumstances let me see you doing it the night before a jump and expect to be on my lift. period. Send lawers, guns and money!!!!! The shit has hit the fan!