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  1. Skydive Taft's 5th Annual Gumpy, Gimpy Old Farts June 1 & 2. Come join us for a weekend of fun! We'll have the Twin Otter Out, a live band, food, beer, and babes. Last year was a huge success and we would like to carry on this tradition of partying and skydiving! Contact Name:Bre Macaulay Contact E-mail:[email protected]
  2. Skydive Taft would like to invite everyone out for our 4th Annual Gimpy, Gumpy, Old Fart's Boogie. This event will be held on May 26th and 27th. As always, there will be: music, bbq, beer, babes, and more. Also, Perris will be bringing out their SUPER OTTER! We look forward to having everyone out for a fun filled weekend of skydiving and friends. There will be a $20 Boogie Fee to cover the cost of entertainment. Blue Skies!
  3. Nov 1st & 2nd, Skydive ALL day & Party ALL night, Saturday Night: Band, Costume Contest w/prizes, Manufacturer give aways, BBQ and Beverages. ($15) Come out and join in the fun...
  4. yes we do not as many as i would like, being a old belly flyer my self but if you guys come over i would love to jump with you guys and I know we could build some net stuff
  5. We are looking it to doing something like that but not sure what yet
  6. Sorry to hear Cal City is closing. I stated jumping there in 1984 when Van and Albert were frist starting out in a very small hanger with the 206 that they still have, or what was left after it hit the fence. Its always been a good plane. We had a lot of fun, accomplished many firsts, and drank tons of beer. It was even better when we got to move into the big hanger and later got the Otter. Got my tandem rating there from Bill Estie. That was the scariest thing I did. I had lots of fun doing tandems on F-111 canopies on no wind days. Yes, they do happen there. Well best of luck to Van and Albert.... they deserve it, they worked hard to build the business and we should be happy for them and wish them all the best! Blue Skies Dave Chrouch D-11816 P.S. I would like to extend a welcome to any Cal City jumpers who may be looking for a new place to skydive. Come to Taft and make it your new home. You will find the same warm welcome here as at Cal City. Remember, once a Cal City jumper, always a Cal City jumper.
  7. Celebrate a spooky Halloween with Skydive Taft. Friday, October 26th, Skydive Taft will be offering 2 loads of night jumps. There will be stadium lighting. Space is limited so please premanifest and prepay. Following the night jumps we will be presenting the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Audience participation is expected so bring some blankets, lawn chairs and accessories. Saturday, October 27th, is our annual Halloween boogie! There will be live music performed by the band “Crave”, bbq and beverages. We will have a costume contest in the evening and are offering 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. We are also having a raffle giving away different manufacturers discounts and items on every load. RW coaching by Bob Ferguson and for the brave Dave Chrouch will be organizing ten way speed star. Prize for the best free fly video of the day. Hit and chug last load of the day. Boogie fee is $20.00. Looking forward to seeing you here this month!!!
  8. Celebrate 13 years of sky diving at Sky Dive Taft with free flying, live music and bbq. Fritz from Fly Boys will be here offering free fly instructions and organizing free fly jump groups. Dave Chrouch will be organizing RW groups. 20 dollar jump tickets and 20 dollar boogie fee, covers food, drinks and live music. March 31st.
  9. Skydive Taft Halloween Fest; October 28 & 29. Super Otter-High Altitude Jumps-$35.00, Helicopter Jumps(4 place Ranger)-$50.00. Costume Competition 1st place 5 jump ticket, 2nd place 3 jump tickets, 3rd place 2 jump tickets. Band, BBQ, & Beverages. $15.00 event fee.
  10. Thanks Mike for setting the record straight! The only "hard to get along with person" at this DZ is the one who refused to give up her green M&Ms... Hope your season is going well and we miss having you here! Talk to you soon, Dave Chrouch Just to add we have no record of UntamedDOG/Brian Anderson ever being at Skydive Taft..
  11. you can stay in the bunk house or bring a tent and skydivers don't care if your gay or not
  12. ticket prices are the same and its has tunes the door is a lot larger and a lot more room in the plane then the pac. the owner of the pac went to texas to start a D.Z.