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  1. Jumpnfun2

    Premier Skydiving

    This is my home DZ and I wouldn't jump anywhere else. Premier is great. We are growing, and that rocks! Our DZO, Bill, is awesome, as is the girl, Amy, that runs manifest. Our pilots rock. This is just a great place to skydive. New gear that is well maintained, a great vibe, etc. We have inside showers, a great place to camp within 1/4 of a mile, inside padded packing, awesome video (dvd) and still editing equipment. We are not far from Lake Michigan, and the view is amazing from altitude. There are also a ton of local lakes and woods. In the fall the color tour from altitude is worth just riding the plane up and down. Skydiving is a bonus. Bill and Amy run a great DZ. Everyone is always welcome no matter where they have jumped before or their level of experience. Sue Elenbaas
  2. Jumpnfun2

    canon rebel XT

    Hey! I'm looking into a new helmet, and I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to go with all top mount, or a side mount with the still on top. From what I've gathered, all top mount is the better choice. One of the video guys at our dz has been side mount for about 12 years, and his neck is gone. The weight balance is to much to the side on opening. At this point he can't take the weight of a still for any reason. It's sad, because he's amazingly good at what he does. Thanks for the advice! BS, Sue