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  1. Time Left: 26 days and 16 minutes

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    Both rigs have been sitting in storage for the last 5 years Mirage G4 DOM 05/04, less than 300 jumps, Precison Xaos 21 88 sq ft. DOM 02/11 less than 100jumps, Precison Rmax 148, DOM 04/04, 4 rides, Vigil 2 DOM 09/11. $3500 OBO Mirage G4 DOM 10/04, less than 300 jumps, PD Stiletto 107 DOM 07/02 600 jumps with 100 on new line set, Precision 135-M DOM , 06/98, No rides. $2500 OBO Sized for 5'9' 180# Both system are in excellent condition, rigger owned. Package deal for both! US sales only email: [email protected] with any questions


    , Michigan

  2. Looking for a source of foam laminated para pack 420 denier, para gear does not carry it any more. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. 4 arms, 4 legs, 5 handles (Strong rigs) and a pilot chute in tow, what can possibly go wrong. The best advice I have gotten was to "Just hang from the drogue and relax" good luck and have fun with the new rating.
  4. When the FAA took tandems out of the experimental category, they required the instructors to get an class 3 as a PIC
  5. We use a 2 handle SOS, train them to like they are jumping a normal 2 handle system but if they pull out of order then it will still cut away the main.
  6. Ok off the original topic but what if someone elses seal falls off and you are 100% sure that the reserve hasn't been deployed.
  7. Does anybody know how to get a hold of Jen Wagner, the skydiver that wrote the Whuffo Song? Thanks, Bill
  8. Thanks to everyone! sounds like we are on the same page
  9. I would like to get some opinions on training tandem students for landing, we currently train them to have their legs straight out and land them on their butts. How does your DZ train them! Thanks
  10. Similar to this but as described above
  11. something like Aerodyne's ad photo but more from the front so you see the cell openings
  12. I'm looking for a frontal canopy photo, shot from above with the subject in a diving turn. This is for a tattoo idea that I have.
  13. BillSchram

    Premier Skydiving

    Great atmosphere that's growing fast, new hanger and landing area for the 2006 season.