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  1. 2shay

    2-Stow Bag

    I was always wondering when they would get this product on the market. I was told buy a dealer that they were very high maintenance and he never gave me a solid answer to anyting other than that. I think it would probably cut time on packing and reduce the chance of a bag lock. I would like to see if these take hold. Very cool. edited for spelling
  2. 2shay

    How much is this rig worth?

    I would offer them 1200. But you can find newer used gear for within a few hundred of that. I would look for something newer if I were you. What are you wanting to do in the rig? Freefly? Vector 2's are not freefly friendly.
  3. 2shay

    BaseR For Skydiving.

    I may be wrong but I am pretty sure it is not equipped for an aad. You would spend most all of your day packing rather than jumping. If I had to guess it is probably not freefly friendly either. You will probably have very fast or slammer openings everythime becasue of the way it is packed. If I were you I would totally forget this idea and look for some used gear. There is plenty of damn good used gear out there.
  4. 2shay

    Skydive Chicago

    I was hired by Rook the owner last season, and he did not even know me if I may add (thought that was pretty sweet). I went there without knowing anyone and was welcomed with open arms. I worked groundscrew to start. While there I got my coach and tandem rating, and did over 100 tandems in my first month working as an instructor. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and will help absolutely anyone. The otters and the pilots are world class, doing 15 min turns. They also just got a caravan, that should be nice on slower days. Rook and everyone there try to give the biggest and best playground for all skydivers to come and have a blast. I have been to a few dz's and this is a very smooth operating dz with world class planes, facilities, instructors, etc. So thank you to everyone there: Rook Nelson, David Elliot, Steve Verner, Groundscrew, and everybody I missed sorry but I could go on for a long time (and my hands are tired from typing). I really feel at home here and love the fact that Rook and all of team mandrin, and any other of the most knowledgable people in the game are there to answer any question I or anyone else has. You simply will not find that at many dz's if any. These guys are good to go in my book and I will not forget any of them. Joel Touchatt D-29482
  5. 2shay

    Whats a good starter canopy?

  6. 2shay

    Freefly Jumpsuits

    Firefly, is the best made, and is affordable, 260 with shipping and taxes included for a v stripe ff suit.
  7. 2shay

    Gear for new jumper

    what other companies can you get discounts through? Just consider a few more if you can? Wings is a very good container though
  8. 2shay


    pretty cool vid
  9. 2shay

    New lines?

    I would guess every 500 for lines and trim mostly but then again I suppose I should have relined mine a while ago but I still love it and feel no need to so what the hell, I don't know.
  10. 2shay


    the lower could be taking the average and not the max
  11. 2shay

    psycho packing and icarus canopies

    icarus canopy material is pretty easy to pro pack it's not near as slick as precisions material. As for why I really could not tell you, but I have seen it done.
  12. 2shay

    canopy in the drink

    I would call the manufacturer. I know that is the obvious answer, but do that.
  13. I say that they are both great , but I would probably go with the katana. PD r & d is second to none and the xfire 2 does move around quite a bit in turbulence, even if it is not that turbulent.
  14. if you want to make a lot of jumps you are going to have to find some way to be at the dz all day. When you are there have fun of course, but you do not screw around and don't be bullshitting wasting preciuos jump time between jumps. The more you jump the better you will get and the more you will have fun.
  15. 2shay

    Mirage G4, M3 Sabre 170

    have not packed that model but if its the max it will be tight but not impossible to get in there. My vectors max is 135 but I can get my 9 cell 150 in no problem at all. Best way to be a good packer is to pack a lot. I did usually 3-5 a night in my basement when I wasn't jumping and now I can pack fast and clean. I think you should be able to get that canopy in there no prob.