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  1. Oh!! you got me mr. dse that is what i said. LMAO. Get a damn life. This will be my last post on this site. Sangi send me a pm and ill give you my cell number and ill talk gear with you anytime. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  2. No where did I say that the material used on the voodoo will cause hd premi. Two different instances and opinion of two different people. Rumored hd premi? Yeah I would make that up. LMAO. I told you that I would PM you the persons name if you want and never heard anything from you. I atually recommend voodoos when someone asks about gear, I would jump a voodoo before I would jump a lot of other rigs. You make as if I am out for voodoo I am certainly not. It is people like you who thinks there gear is the best and no one can tell them different that leaves me very irritated. Someone asked for opinions I gave mine, and you ripped it for what ever reason. I am pretty much done posting on this site becasue there are so many know it all a holes on here. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  3. So from my experience and what I have seen with these rigs I am an idiot and my opinion does not mean shit. No where did I say that they were crap and that they are not well known as a great ff rig. I was just telling my opinion and experience and you say it is no good or false. Well maybe I think your opinion sucks, but I am not going to say that becasue that is pretty damn unprofessional and childish. You might want to think about the way you come across and speak to others on here. Take care. Joel don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  4. Most info on different rigs are based on opinion. That is the reason there are so many out there. One may really like this feature or that feature, and then the next guy may hate it. So saying that our opinions don't matter because they are not fact is incomplete if you ask me. my 3 cents.
  5. Well thats my opinion, but I have packed them and many friends have packed them and none of us like to do them. It is well known that wings are a pain to pack. You may like to do them, but many many people would rather not fi they had a choice. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  6. Honestly I am not sure. It happened a while ago don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  7. I do respect your opinion. The only thing I don't really care for is that you are saying that the 2 hd premies did not happen. Evidence, yes that is what I would call it. If you do not believe that it did happen than that is on you. I do not want to name anyone on forums, pm me and I will send you his name. I actually think the voodoo is a solid design outside of what I have already mentioned. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  8. I have seen many voodoos that look like they have way more jumps put on them than they actually have. I think the material just does not stand up or may just appear that it does not stand up as well. That is what I based my opininon on. I also know someone who has well over 13,000 jumps who used to jump a voodoo all the time. He can't even bring himself to sell it now because of two hd premature deployments. I also have another friend who says his is comfy and solid rig, but he feels also that the quality is a step below other manufacter's. Once more that is my opinion, you may not agree, but oh well. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  9. vector 3, I love mine and it is the safest rig on the market in my opinion. Voodoo does not quite have the quality as would vector 3, mirage or infinity. your rigger will hate you if you have a wings. They are not fun to pack. If money is tight I would probably go with an infinity, infinity has high quality and great customer service. Some places have good deals on vector 3's though. Mirage is typically at the top of the price line. They are good, but I would take a vector 3 before that and maybe even an infinity depending on which was more comfortable between the mirage and infinity. Thats my 2 cents. Good luck. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  10. yep I had two tandems chicken out in the same week. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  11. I bout 6'1" bout 235 right now cause I like to drink beer and eat food lol. I like my vector 3 its totally safe for any and all flying and the harness fits good even though it was not sized specifically to me. I would say maybe a 260 sf canopy not sure on the sizing as to what the manufacturers actually make. Pd makes the spectre or strom both have great reviews and should be pretty gentle as far as good openings and soft landings for you. Reserve, always go pd in my opinion, they make good reserves. cypress1 or 2 for aad I have seen many using argus without complaints, but they have not been out near as long as cypress. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  12. I definitely did my time at 182 dz's. Yes the otters are very very nice don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  13. sounds like you did everything right. good job! Just another reason I do not like to jump small aircraft. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  14. you must always always be aware of snag points as a jumper, or fellow jumper, and as a dzo to brief new jumpers on stuff like seen in this video. It is the small stuff that matters. The small things that no one would ever think they could snag their gear on. I have about 350 jumps out of 182's and was always taught to make darn sure that the door was secure up top and not trying to come back down on you. I also noticed he somewhat jammed himself in between the strut and the door almost. That was totally unnecessary, and could be part of the problem. Once again those snag points will screw you. Glad to see he came threw alright. don't try your bullshit with me!!!
  15. what would you say are the pros/cons to this system I mentioned I thought it would cut packing time and reduce baglocks. Any truth to that? Your thoughts? Thanks, Joel don't try your bullshit with me!!!