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  1. Beware! His assumed name is Ray Gulls. Claims to belong to Alaska Skydive Center. Sent me a nice check with some extra funds. Asked to return the difference and a rig. Are they really hope to find a complete simpletones here? )))
  2. wing-suits scares Jesus out of me ;) enough complications without any extra fabric around up there :) but yes, do check the lines and a packing routine. my experience with Sabre2 was all positive.
  3. Sabre2 - 150 is a nice wing ;) I sold mine to a friend and once he did blackout 200ft above the ground and Sabre landed him safely without any inputs from the pilot! Cherish it dude ;)))
  4. yep, guys, that's my licence and I jump at the Ranch. That scumbag got this info from me 'cause I was selling my velo and he pretended to be a buyer. He was establishing my credentials before "sending a check" Beware of such an artists and let's his karma be his judge. Buy the way: anybody interested to get a nice Velo 103 ? :)
  5. Mamma-mia! What a thread I don't know what to say? You guys are the greatest! The Ranch is the BEST DZ in the world and I'm the #1 in that "bounce" list. Realy.