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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 13 hours

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    Voodoo container. Was serviced and rebuilt to "like new" conditions few years back by RI. New leg straps, chest strap etc. Super comfortable rig. Reserve is PD143 with 4 rides on it. Main is Velocity 96 with removable slider. Sweet, controllable openings, flies awesome, superb swooping wing. No tears No wear. Classic PD colors - Orange, White, Grey with PD Logo. Less than a 100 jumps on a new set of lines. I'll also include an original collapsible slider(new) and an extra Pilot chute. The new Cypres 2 was installed recently, two or three jumps on it. Also included a gear bag with matching colors. Feel free to ask anything. Rig could be dropped off at Skydive The Ranch Pro Shop, NY for an inspection buy you or by Sonic. Email: zeefly@gmail.com


    Hewitt, New Jersey - US

  2. Beware! His assumed name is Ray Gulls. Claims to belong to Alaska Skydive Center. Sent me a nice check with some extra funds. Asked to return the difference and a rig. Are they really hope to find a complete simpletones here? )))
  3. wing-suits scares Jesus out of me ;) enough complications without any extra fabric around up there :) but yes, do check the lines and a packing routine. my experience with Sabre2 was all positive.
  4. Sabre2 - 150 is a nice wing ;) I sold mine to a friend and once he did blackout 200ft above the ground and Sabre landed him safely without any inputs from the pilot! Cherish it dude ;)))
  5. yep, guys, that's my licence and I jump at the Ranch. That scumbag got this info from me 'cause I was selling my velo and he pretended to be a buyer. He was establishing my credentials before "sending a check" Beware of such an artists and let's his karma be his judge. Buy the way: anybody interested to get a nice Velo 103 ? :)
  6. Mamma-mia! What a thread I don't know what to say? You guys are the greatest! The Ranch is the BEST DZ in the world and I'm the #1 in that "bounce" list. Realy.