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  1. CONGRATS ELVISIO! Tuscon is so beautiful! Good luck with all to come!
  2. Jake, Bolas is incorrect about BSA accepting Skyride. But it is true that it is owned in part by Jack. I'm sure it is beautiful in the summer up there..but I don't know what they do when it gets cold (in September LOL) You might want to call the DZ and find out. Jack and Tony are both awesome people, please tell them hi from Marie, AKA former Manifest Bitch at St George BSA...2001-2005!!
  3. Jay is Jason's father. The Judice family jumped at St. George when it was open. Wonderful family! PM me if you'd like to contact Jay.
  4. Jason, I bet your birthday was awesome this year..I can just see you and Ganja up there tying one on! Even though your birthday was on the 18th, I will probably always think of it as today. It's so hard to believe that exactly one year ago tonight, we were in Charleston celebrating the big 30 with you.. Happy Birthday Jason...see if you can get Ganja drunk enough to trick him with the "heads I win-tails you lose" game... I miss ya my friend Marie
  5. 1snowangel


    I love reading your posts, and I'd love it even more if I could actually see video of you being irritated and vocal. You seem so easy going...
  6. Great video of the dive you guys. I didn't know Beezy, but we had heard alot of good stuff about him in St. George. Not knowing alot about Beezy and family, who were the tandem students? Obviously this dive took alot of planning, I could feel the love! RIP Beezy Marie
  7. WooHoooo..looking forward to seeing you Arvel..we are heading up there very soon to enjoy the beautiful weekend forecast! Will you put us out in a good spot?? McD...."Act" like you are sick for the bigway weekend
  8. WooHoooooo...AWESOME! Is this a "learning" camp or something more advanced? ie don't screw up, the ax will get you?! Can't wait!
  9. Awesome job McD!!! I was really impressed with the way that numerous people who were involved in the planning and behind the scenes activity took the time to mingle, greet and accomodate all who were in attendance! Nice touch! We had a great time and will be looking forward to next year???!!!!! Will a video be available for purchase of all the videos, or the top prize winners at least? See ya next weekend!
  10. ehhemmm...Steve, you are gonna blow your dumb packer boy image if you keep saying smart stuff like that... You gonna be back to RPC this weekend?
  11. Here are the arrangements as per Jay's post to the RB sight. My brothers, If I can get through this before my tears ruin my keyboard, I want to say that Mary and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm words and thoughts. And yes, even the "Fuck Papa Chula"'s. We know Jason touched many lives on the ground as well as in the air. We are having a "Celebration of Life", (because wakes SUCK) visitation at the Caughman - Harmon Funeral Home, 503 North Lake Drive in Lexington SC between 6:00pm and 9:00 pm Wednesday June the 6th. We hope you all can come. If you can, in lue of flowers, bring a copy of your favorite picture of you and him. Nothing fancy, a computer print out on regular paper is fine. Or maybe a video clip. Or at least some happy stories, (I'm the only basket case allowed.) If you can't make it, hoist one, or bumpy brothers, have a body shot to Jason at the boogie.
  12. I know what you mean Shaggio. Any time I think of the good times that were had especially at the DZ, you can be sure Jason was a part of it. Here is another pic that brings back some more of the memories. Could it be that Jason is taunting Keith??? Naaaa..not Jason!!!
  13. Thanks for getting this posted Ganja. My heart is hurting so bad over this. Jason was one of those people who came off as a big tough guy, but he was a big teddy bear in disguise. I'll never forget how he stood in the hanger at St George, quietly watching me as I took the phone call from my family in IN telling me they needed me to come home cause dad had had a stroke. Jason quietly went to get me some kleenex, and delivered them with a big strong hug and words of encouragement. He totally understood the love that family has for each other, whether it was skydiving family or actual family. Jason shared a love so strong for his own family..a love you don't often get to see these days between mother/son, father/son, brother/sister, and he wasn't shy about showing it. I never once saw his dad, Jay arrive or leave the DZ without a hug between the two of them...and the I love you's they exchanged when leaving weren't shyly mumbled, but spoken loud and clear, with great pride. The same pride and love was demonstrated when his brothers or sister were there too. For Jay and Mary my heart brakes...one should never have to bury their child...For Kim, Shaun and Brian my heart brakes..I can't imagine losing one of my sisters and the void it would leave. I am so thankful that you all have been so giving and loving to each other, and that Jason left this world knowing he was loved by you all, as he was by all his skydiving family...and that you know he loved you with all his heart and soul. I hope that knowing this will help heal the hurt and give you comfort in the days ahead. Fly Free Jason, and save some Icehouse for me! Marie in the RW pic, Jason is at about 10:00 in blue tie dye and appears to be making eye contact with his dad Jay in the base with red helmet..
  14. It was hard to not cave into the shoe bribe Good seeing you again Bolas, I especially liked your jump-suit you wore on the last load before Jakes wedding