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  1. ASteele

    Skydive California

    Skydive California is the destination skydiving center for Northern California. We are centrally located between the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and Modesto. This provides amazing views of the Bay Area, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and even Monterey. With some of the friendliest & professional staff that the industry offers, we can not wait to provide an experience of a lifetime. We pride ourselves on being a small and efficient operation, that is able to give each jumper our undivided attention. We operate on our own private airstrip and a beautiful 50+ acre property that ensures your complete satisfaction and the highest levels of safety! So if you're looking for your first jump as a tandem skydiver, want to go through our certification classes to become a licensed skydiver, or are an experienced jumper looking to get a few jumps in....come visit us here at Skydive California!
  2. ASteele


    This was a complete system that was stolen on the morning of Sept. 13, 2008. The container contains a Sabre2 150 and I believe a PD 143 Reserve. More info to come.
  3. Hey guys!!! The weekend of the 22-23rd, Sky Supply ( is having a Performance Designs Demo event! There will be all sorts of canopies and sizes available for demo. This includes both the PD Reserve and the new PD Optimum Reserve! Other canopies available with include the Sabre2, Spectre, Katana, Stilleto, and Velocity!! A full list of canopies/sizes available is posted underneath. This weekend is free! No cost for demoing or participating in any of the competitions. Beer donations are accepted! Not only are we just demoing PD canopies, but we'll be holding several other small events. Performance Designs has sponsored the event with not only the demo canopies, but also a few T-shirts and other goodies. *There is a Beginner Sport Accuracy Competition, which is open to skydivers with those with less than 500 skydives. Roy Muller will be setting up and organizing this event. (Saturday only, please be ready for a briefing at 10:00 am) *There will also be a small Pond Swooping competition....pond dependant. If there is no pond, we will substitute with a Swooping Distance competition. (Sunday Only, please be ready for a briefing at 10:00 am) *When demoing a canopy, you will also be able to take part in our Performance Designs/Bay Area Skydiving History Quiz. Don't worry, at least there are a few prizes. These are fairly informal competitions, so please keep in mind they are all in good fun. Mostly this weekend is just to have fun, learning more about canopy flight, and to make some kick-ass skydives. Plus...there will be food! Sky Supply will be providing dinner on Saturday night, as supplies last! Available canopies are: Optimum 113/126/143 PD Reserve 160/176/193 Katana 97/107/120/135/150 Sabre2 120/135/150/170/190/210 Silhouette 150/170/190/210 Spectre 120/135/150/170 Stiletto 135/150 Velocity 96/103/111 If you have any questions, you can contact me via email at [email protected] Aaron Sky Supply
  4. This has been quite a mindnumber, what more can I say. I met Tom for the first time when I came to do a tandem. He was videoing my friend and no one could understand what he was mumbling. Over the years, as I came to learn how to listen to Tom, I realized that he was definitely a man worth listening to. I don't know how much advice I took from Tom or how many dumb jokes I suffered through, but Tom was definitely one of my mentors. Scratch that....he wasn't just a mentor, I have considered him almost like a quiet older brother for some time now. Byron was made much brighter for me while working there on the weekdays because of Tom. When I managed to coerce him into a fun jump, it was always my best jump of the day. A jump with Tom without video was sometimes a rare thing and he always made it worth the wait. I went out to Byron today, only to find it deserted. The first thing that caught my eye was Tom's skateboard. Its not going to be the same now that Tom won't be going back and forth along the road during sunset load, with a beer in one hand and who knows how many stashed in his pockets. The Cessna is going to be the hardest for me. No offense to Clay but on days when there were only a few tandems and just a couple Cessna loads, I always got on the load where Tom was doing video because I knew I'd have someone to chat with on the loonngg way up. You didn't know how bad Tom's mumbling was until you tried to carry on a conversation with him in the Cessna. Muuuummbbllerr! I'm going to miss gagging down those booze berries, Gusto. And while we'll definitely miss you down here, Cumulus will be happy to see his dad. I am lucky to call you a friend Tom. -Aaron
  5. Good: Bonnie @ Gravity Gear Aubrey @ Aerodyne (not there anymore) Sherry at Firefly Bad: Only had one bad experience with a vendor and honestly they make a great product, so I'd rather not bad mouth it :)
  6. Shannon had balls. She gave me my first kiss pass, even though I had some knarly braces at the time. I remember how we both volunteered to take a cute AFF student to the hospital after he dislocated a shoulder and how we looked at each other and went "Ooohh" when they cut his shirt off. I think I still have video of that :) Byron is not the same without her. I'm going to miss her so much and its hard to see the light in this. But the comment about the Pearly Gates and her wondering about what delay she could get..... couldn't be more accurate. Keep the beers cold and save a slot for me Shannon!! Lots of love girl. Aaron
  7. I agree, if you have the time check out as many dropzones in the area as you can. NorCal has an awesome vibe, so don't limit yourself if possible
  8. Byron charges $30 per jump for equipment rental. This includes a helmet, altimeter, jumpsuit, rig, and a packjob. If you can pack your own main then they take off $5, but I'm not sure if they'll allow you to pack the last packjob. Also the great thing about Byron is they have an awesome gear store, including gear consultatons for new and used gear. I'd recommend PMing "GravityGirl" since she owns the gear store and can offer great advice on jumping at Byron. For full disclosure I should probably admit that she used to employ me
  9. Don't be a hater of my mad skillz JP! You can't deny that you're jealous of my wicked backslide.
  10. Yo Keith, I caught it last night and it was a pretty good movie. The acting alone makes the movie a must see. Also the cinematography is beyond awesome, making Big Sky country look better then it ever has before. I won't get into the story too much for fear of giving away most of the plot, but if someone is worried it is going to be a man/man fuckfest don't worry. Its more implied then anything else and you do get to see two very nice racks belonging to the leading actresses. That being said, it is about two friends who find love with each other and it is an extremely tragic story. I recommend it to folks who can look past the "gayness" of it and see it as a good story worth telling. So about half the folks in this thread are excluded. And btw, as a gay man I just have to say if I get called a fudgepacker one more time, I'm going to open up a can of freefly whoopass
  11. Does Bob know? BTW I'm afraid to open that picture at work.... so tempted.....must resist. I'll just ask to see it in person this weekend
  12. My new desktop at work
  13. Happy Birthday Iwan!!!!! Now... drink up :)
  14. I got myself a responsible cubicle job. So instead of leading the rich fufilling life I used to have, I now have nothing to do but surf But at least I'm in good company with the rest of you ninnies :)