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  1. I want the skyhook option. Having used it, I know that it's all a matter of seconds. Or more importantly tenths of a second. I want an inflated reserve above my head in 200 feet or 1.42861 seconds. I can disconnect my RSL if I so choose and I have the time and altitude for other reasons, other than a low cutaway, but doing away with the option out of that old school dumb ass mentality is foolish. If I'm at 4100 feet, wrapped, screwed or what have you I can always pull that little yellow tab and do away with that option, however, lower, jammed up, in bad place relative to time and space I want everything to work as fast as possible for one last chance. Just my opinion. Did not having an RSL help in this incident? Not having an RSL didn't help in fact did it? Instead of you swearing an oath not to use an RSL or AAD why don't you ask him to cash the check you may end up writing one day. Or for whatever reason this guy didn't have an RSL or skyhook equipped Javelin.
  2. I went through all the photo galleries of the weekends at Skydive Sebastian. Pablo stopped by when he was on leave here in the US, or between tours overseas and it was always good to see him. Not a guy to be messed with (he was huge) but always nice to be around and very friendly. Normally he was always relaxing in the shade with his girlfriend and the kids. I recall a couple pictures of him sitting under the Palm Trees outside the main hanger but I do not remember who took them or where I'd seen them afterwards.
  3. DL at 2:01 into the video over Sebastian. Classic DL at 2:29 Blue Skies DL.
  4. Kyle has made it to the Farm on the second stop of the Final FlexVision Summer Tour Summer tour. Would anyone like to spend the summer doing this? Have a Great and Safe Blue Skies Summer 2008 Kyle!!!
  5. Florida Supreme Court to hear ATV case that could challenge parental rights next month The death of a 14-year-old boy in an ATV accident five years ago could end up changing the way people who offer sometimes risky activities, like motorcross and watersports, to children, do business. The Florida Supreme Court announced it would hear arguments next month in a case brought by the estate of Christopher Jones against the owners and manager of Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park in Okeechobee. The case raises the question of whether parents have the ability under Florida law to sign release forms that give away the right of their children to sue for damages. "It's going to affect really anything ... any type of activity in which minors participate which requires releases to be signed," said Richard Lee Barrett, who represents the former park manager and other motorcross parks across the state. "It's a cutting edge issue that's going to have broader application throughout the state of Florida." The basic facts of the case aren't in dispute. Bobby Jones took his 14-year-old son Christopher to the now-defunct Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park on May 10, 2003 to ride ATVs and signed a release form on behalf of the boy waiving liability and the right to sue. At the time, Jones was divorced from his wife Bette and had custody of both their sons. Christopher died after he fell off his ATV during a jump and the vehicle landed on top of him, according to court papers. Bette Jones, who was unaware the boys were riding ATVs, later filed a wrongful death suit claiming the park owners and manager were negligent, a case that was dismissed before trial because her ex-husband had signed the release form. The 4th District Court of Appeal reversed that decision in August, ruling there was nothing in state law that allows a parent to waive all legal rights on behalf of a minor. The court noted its decision conflicted with another appeals court decision, which is an issue the Florida Supreme Court will now take up. Lawrence Huttman, one of the attorneys representing the boy's mother, said that while Florida law allows adults to waive their own rights to sue, it doesn't let parents do so for children. Pre-release forms shift the burden of preventing risk on to parents, who would be hard pressed to know before signing a form whether the operator of a motorcross park or other activity is operating safely. "A pre-injury release actually encourages activity providers to cut costs at the expense of the safety of the children, perhaps even ignoring safety entirely because it removes their obligation of reasonable care toward children. Only the state has the authority to reduce the level of safety applicable to children," the attorneys representing the mother write in their brief. Courts are required to approve settlement amounts above $15,000 involving children, a recognition that the state sometimes steps in to protect the rights of minors, Huttman said. Bobby Jones has signed an affidavit acknowledging he fully understood what he was doing when signed the release form and attorneys for the motorcross park argue parents like Jones should have the ability to waive their children's right to sue. "The Florida Legislature favors the ability of parents to make decisions on behalf of their children in numerous and wide-ranging activities. Under Florida law, several acts that would otherwise be criminal are expressly allowed with the permission of a parent," writes attorney William Wallace, who represents the park's owners. The law varies from state to state, with some states allowing these types of releases and others not. Briefs in support of the sports park have been filed by the National Association of Underwater Instructors and the American Motorcyclist Association. Lindsey Brock, who wrote the underwater instructors brief, said he also represents Orlando Watersports, a company that has had its case put on hold while this appeal is pending because it involves a similar claim. Because insurance companies often require these release forms, some businesses worry that if they aren't able to use the forms, they won't be able to get insurance and would have to pay the direct costs of any accidents that occur. That could put some out of business, he said. In court briefs, Huttman and others argue the dangers to businesses are overstated, in part because if they are operating in a safe manner then they won't be vulnerable to negligence lawsuits. The boy's mother, Bette Jones, said this week she continues to pursue the case because she wants to raise more awareness about the potential danger of ATVs. She's hopeful the Florida Supreme Court decision will allow her to actually move forward with a trial. "It's been probably the roughest five years of my life," Jones said. "I think about it every day. I live it every day." TIMELINE OF THE CASE May 10, 2003: Christopher Jones, 14, dies at Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park in Okeechobee Jan. 4, 2005: The estate of Jones files a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf Dec. 15, 2005: The circuit court grants a motion for summary judgment because the boy's father signed a release form Aug. 8, 2007: The 4th District Court of Appeal reverses the decision, saying nothing in Florida law allows a parent to waive those legal rights for a child June 11, 2008: The Florida Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case.
  7. US military denies Iraq report of al-Qaida arrest BAGHDAD - The U.S. military on Friday denied Iraqi government claims that the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq was captured and said a man with a similar name had been arrested in the northern city of Mosul.
  8. Billy's making enemies and killing 'em? Billy when did you start to do this?
  9. Clearly it may not be *good* or common advice as you say or wise (which I am in complete agreement of) to think to get stable before deploying the reserve, the primary focus is; always have anything over your head before ground impact..... yet time and time again regarding the RSL debate it has been otherwise stated differently from far to many jumpers with higher jump numbers than me..... ie: see any thread regarding the spinning mal debate. Nonetheless it is the advice (or debate theory) I've read regularly regarding the commentary about RSL systems or not and it can be found in nearly every thread that relates to RSL vs non RSL equipped rigs going back further than 12 to 24 months ago, or greater, ie; pre-skyhook equipped rigs, so outside of that commentary which many hundreds of young jumpers follow on this forum, or have had drummed into their heads by old jump dogs for no valid reason outside of CRW or other valid reason. Here is a video shot by a low jump number jumper disputing that train of thought. Not to digress from 1.3333 @ 160 yet I have, for I know jumpers better served at a wl of .6/1 whatever their jump numbers are. As I mentioned to him in a PM, and pardon me being frank I flew the living crap out of my previous canopy doing everything I read until I out flew it in the most extreme reckless manner at a safe altitude dependent upon my reserve. I wanted to know where that edge was, and then I pushed it past that. So now I know, and he does as well. We are not playing checkers. There is a bright orange sticker on most canopies I've looked at The video serves much better those who don't yet know that line, as a training example in reality yet shot by someone who I agree shouldn't have.... and all things considered he did well. 13 or maybe 15 seconds till cutaway. the problem is.... you may as a jumper end up with 4 seconds or depending what the situation is..... zero. Beware, we have the leisure of debating his actions online. So..... and I can't clearly stress strongly further, don't do what he did lower, better yet don't do what he did at all, this thread is a clear example of what not to do. The video serves as an educational example. Anyone who views the video can understand he is seconds away from time running out. markovwgti is not skilled..... I can't say he is, again I don't know him, or have watched him jump, he is lucky, he relied upon training, and sometimes training is all it takes, yet he also relied upon the luck bucket, he did what he knew or was trained to know what he knew at the time and thankfully for that he is here to feel bad about what is said about his video negativity in this forum. He'll learn and that is good.... thankfully.... or hopefully.
  10. I did the same thing under a 210, you did it above your hard deck, you handled yourself in the time it took to get your reserve out and got it on video.;#2712145 Christ almighty, many people have died because they reacted poorly to the very same incident in the same time frame. Or another thing to consider when the reaper swings that black blade of his many skilled skydivers have met much worse fate for reasons that nobody can explain. I remember just a few years ago, the advice was cutaway, get stable, pull silver, he would have been at 600 feet without a skyhook following that advice and the reserve may or may not have reached linestretch before his body struck the ground. It appears to me you landed your reserve just fine.... what size was your reserve btw?
  11.;#2712145 I watched the video yesterday, personally I remember mine very well.
  12. I replied in kind with two video clips of swoops not gone bad xenaswampjumper, You broke your leg under a lightly loaded canopy. A friend of mine broke her femur under a lightly loaded canopy 2 weeks ago at Zhills. Why should this thread be deleted? I am not trolling, pulling anyones leg or doing this for giggles. I wasn't making light of this entire thread, I can't debate 25 people or compare myself to competitors of a swoop competition that chowed the pond. A 16 year old with a learners permit would more than likely crash a Ferrari. A 42 year old adult knows how to drive. There is a difference between landing a canopy and doing high performance landings under the very same wing. for skybytch's comment. I am not scared to land this canopy in no winds.... and I don't recall saying scared. I said my concern level was slightly elevated. As for billvons rebuke That is what it is always like where I jump 5 months out of the year, it is normal conditions. as for the jumpers with fewer jumps than I; don't do what I do. I wanted advice, I got it. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply with their concerns. I am in no rush.
  13. I just hope I don't have to land off. or end up with just one sketchy out left from a long spot.
  14. You want to buy a Velo with over 1000 jumps on it? I give it you for $1000 What condition is the line set in?