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  1. what about weston? they have some good reviews!
  2. Hi everyone! I have just checked reviews of few dropzones and I am confused now because I do not know where to go. Simply asking what is the best place to jump in london area? I do not want a place which s cliche or people are not firendly. do have any suggestions? thanks p.s please do not ask me to refer to reviews again. done that already!!!
  3. Hi everybody! Just wondering if you could give some info on skydiving in Tenerife or other canary islands. In particular I need some addresses or websites of skydiving clubs in those places. If any of you have good/bad experiences or suggestions, please let me know. Big thanks to all of you.
  4. Hi everyone! I was checking lots of online shops offering skydiving helmets. Prices are from 150$ up. I have checked ski helmets and some of them look alike the skydiving ones and the prices are....... much much lower!!! Good ski helmets are already available for 50-60$. I was just wondering if there would be any SIGNIFICANT change during the jump, if I was wearing a ski helmet? Have anyone tried it?? Cheers guys!
  5. Thanks Ed! Nice to hear that! P.s It s good to see a familiar name as well
  6. OOooo......now I'm more excited about Farrah than skydiving itself I'll check all the information you told me. Thanks again!
  7. I ll assume that if employees give good feedback, jumpers must be happy as well!!! Cheers m8!
  8. and how about the prices? is there anything I need to know before I go there? How much they charge for the equipment rental? Thanks 4 help
  9. Thanks guys! you ve been all very helpful. I ve checked all of them but few DZ charge lots of money for the equipment rental. Is it normal that they rent the rig, altimeters, helmets separately and for each piece you have to pay additionally? If I jump there I ll spend more money for the rental than for the jumps!!!
  10. I'll be going to Sonoma, california in may and I'm planning to do a few jumps. Could you please advice me where are some good DZ around that area? Do I need to be a USPA memb to jump in US or BPA membsh. is enough? Cheers guys!!