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  1. Finally someone is talking a little sense. I paid $69 without complaint, would I rather have jump tickets for the money...sure, but I know that is the only way it is going to happen. I love this event and would, honestly pay more if I had to. And this is coming from someone who does not have money to burn and from possibly the only skydiver on earth that doesn't drink! (That's more for the rest of you....) Bring it back’s a public service!
  2. I've been using these wonderful lights for over a decade. I can't say enough good things about them. I own at least 7 of them, including G2s for my emergency kits and an E2E for my slacks/jeans pocket everyday. G2 is the best value in a flashlight available in my opinion, but check out the entire line if money is not an issue. The L2 or L4 is on my list for after jump season sometime.... -MD
  3. Skydive Greensburg! It's is about 50 minutes from downtown Indy. They are still ramping up for the season but they have a Super Otter, Grand Caravan, and a 206, all full time and in place for the season. Call them and inquire as to the weekday schedule. Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-Skydive....maybe I'll see ya this coming weekend. -MD
  4. I won't Lie to you, Indiana will be tough coming from Florida. But you will have SDC, Skydive Greensburg (who are adding a Super Otter to their Caravan and 206 next season, and my home DZ), Richmond, and you'll be able to trip and fall onto Rantoul for the WFFC. That has to be worth something right there. -MD ......on the other hand, it's zero degrees here right now.
  5. A top notch drop zone with a full time Grand Caravan and C-206. Great staff with depth and variety of experience. Wonderful atmosphere, show up and jump no frills or show up and get in on that big way they are putting together. Instructors and coaches are plentiful and highly knowledgeable, from student progression, RW, and Freefly. I highly recommend Skydive Greensburg for first time jumpers and experienced skydivers alike, you will not be disappointed. See you in the sky!
  6. Check out Wiley-X eyeware ( while you are surfing, I bought a pair of Wiley-X SG-1s and have used them for the last 10 jumps. Rock solid and I have contacts. They do offer prescription lens options, I believe. Just another good option to consider. I should note that my instructors asked me not to use them until I was doing my AFF clear and pull.