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  2. always

    FJC Lesson Plan

    Complete the pre-course learning journal from the cwc site. It is meant to help you get ready. The course requirement is that you have a copy of the FJC lesson plans from your dropzone (swoop). Order the new SSI manual from cspa. You don't have to be on course to get it.
  3. Whether it's called Neptune 2, here: or you have an existing Neptune and want to upgrade the firmware to the latest, 3.0.0 here: May sound a little confusing but, it's all good. No longer in beta!
  4. 40 years in a row. Wow! A testament to the power of self-sustaining club volunteerism. May 18-21 Kamloops Airport, BC Load Organizers: Guy Wright, Max Cohn, and Ward Hessig Camping and bunkhouse on-site
  5. Wikipedia's Picture of the Day for December 6. Angel of the North
  6. Kamloops did one last night. Veggie, Nicky B, and Gregger with docks. Would have been a 4way from the 182 except I stepped off to let a junior solo jumper go for it. Nick
  7. Looking for a PISA Naro owner's manual. Emailing would be preferred. Thanks in advance.
  8. I've been using this one from caCAW
  9. Can't view the acrobatic tricks in either IE or Firefox. Is there a gadget filter on that page too?
  10. Have you got a website or directions to the dz that I could find with Google Maps? Any flocking going on? Exchange rate is looking better for us Canadians. We'll just have finished our 39th May Meet and be looking for some place to jump and relax.
  11. Terry, Thanks. Please, you don't have to go through that much trouble. I appreciate your offer. I was hoping that someone had one on their comp. Now that has shut down. There's a loft a few hours away. I know the rigger will photocopy the manual and send it to me. Thanks,
  12. Anybody have this manual in pdf format? Thanks,