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  1. idlewild70

    Renting your rig out

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like and I agree that it makes the most sense to sell out right or hold on to it for now. Renting it does seem to be like it can be a bad idea. I am going to think about it for a while. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  2. idlewild70

    Renting your rig out

    It is the rig in my profile. Wings with A navigator 260 and a super raven 249. I now longer have the Cypress though. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  3. idlewild70

    Renting your rig out

    Thanks for the replies everyone. These were most of my concerns. Even with a written agreement, if they chop the canopy and can't afford to buy a new one... Does anyone have a boiler plate for an agreement? thanks and blues -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  4. idlewild70

    Renting your rig out

    Hi All, I recently got out of the sport and was approached by another jumper asking to rent my rig. Has anyone had experience doing this? How much did you rent it for? How do you handle the possibility of lost gear from a cutaway? thanks and blue skies
  5. idlewild70

    Closing Pin Necklace, bought or earned?

    I wear 3 of them. 1 for each of my cut aways. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  6. idlewild70

    Pc109 replacement

    I am looking at a similar camera might be the 100 this weekend to see if i can make it work. if it does, I might be interested in the 150 -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  7. idlewild70

    Pc109 replacement

    thanks for the offer. i am trying to decide if i can upgrade to a cx100/150 for not too much more then a pc109. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  8. idlewild70

    Pc109 replacement

    Mine broke and need s replacement camera. Gave a Fxx helmet and a cameye and need a replacement that will fit in the helmet. Hope to no have to replace everything thanks for the help. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  9. idlewild70

    Skydive Sussex in new jersey.

    Looks like I'll be in Vernon nj this weekend and I am looking to get some jumps in. Is there anything special going on? -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  10. idlewild70

    Gary Harbird

    Blue Skies Muppet. Thanks for everything over the years. From Boston Providence to Jumptown. I learned a lot about skydiving and life from you. blue skies my friend. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  11. idlewild70

    Nashville TV News story on Skyride

    I tried to go to and my antivirus at work has it tagged as "Verified fraudulent page or threat source." Even my antivirus knows it is fraudulent. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  12. idlewild70


    I'll be in Philly this week and will be at CK on Wednesday the 19th and hopefully on fiday and or Saturday. Just wondering if anyone will be around. Fish -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  13. He did and does. What I was saying is that the review is 7 years old. A lot could have changed since then. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  14. He does have credibility but his review was from 7 years ago. -Fish Blue skies, Soft landings
  15. idlewild70

    SUUNTO Customer service

    I sent in my vector to be fixed with an expired warranty. There was water inside the watch. They just sent me a Brand new repalcement watch. Go SUUNTO.