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  1. shropshire

    Garmin Announces New Virb X and Virb XE HD Cameras

    Yuk - why move away from the sensible form factor to the shite GoPro one? :-(
  2. Adults be adults ..... some times they do scummy things but it's their business... they have to live with their actions. So it's not for anyone else to condemn or condone.
  3. Unfortunately, a lot of places will not let you jump as a student with a full face helmet.
  4. shropshire

    Hello from UK

    Hi Andy and welcome to the sport and the site.
  5. shropshire

    Fly Zone

    This is a great DZ, there are enough people who speak English but a few kind words in Italian will not go un-rewarded. Love this place and the folks. If you want to learn ATMO, and you should :-) This the THE place to visit.
  6. shropshire

    Economics of buying NEW rig

    cool. Me, I brought a brand new Harness (know it fits and was the colour type etc... that I wanted).. then I put a 2nd Canopy and Reserve in - this alone will save you a couple of quid.. I also brought a new Cypres (cus they're hard to find 2nd hand).
  7. best ban anything that 'can' kill then .... cars, cigarettes etc....
  8. shropshire

    Just begon, still need some advise..

    Welcome to the Sport. The helmet'may' depend upon the country that you jump in. Some places you need a 'B' (I think) to wear a full face one - Usual caveat .. best talk to your local instructors.
  9. shropshire

    The Horizontal Flight Problem

    Nice article with the right tone .. should be a must read - so I referenced it in a 'few' relevant places.
  10. shropshire

    New Sony - HDR AS30V

    Yeap .. that's me .... just got the 15 .... I'm the sort of person who buys Aluminium as the smart money moves on to Gold