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  1. Amazing post. GREAT STORY! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us jumpers and one-time jumpers. Scott Myers Mineola, TX Gig em, Garland Owls!
  2. Man, that's great photo clips you have there, Howard. It does bring back memories of just reading about those who lived and skydived in the 1960s. THANKS for sharing! Scott Gig em, Garland Owls!
  3. Cool, Howard! I wish I could go to this reunion just to rub shoulders with those who were in the sport back in the 1960s. Plus I'd love to chat with Anne, Barbara and the other ladies about how they felt being in a man's sport and having lots and lots of success while showing the guys they love skydiving as much as they did. Scott postscript - Does anyone know if "Barbara Roquemore (Parachuting)" that came out on VHS back in 1972 is still available on the Internet? Just asking...and thanks in advance. Gig em, Garland Owls!
  4. Just curious, Howard. Is champion skydiver Anne Batterson planning to attend? Just wondering since she won at the "young" age of 16 back in the early 1960s. Thanks! Scott Gig em, Garland Owls!
  5. Fathom was a bit awesome because of Raquel Welch packing a parachute in a bikini (yeah, hot ya know). But how about this movie I was doing a Google search on? DON'T MAKE WAVES starring Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale and the late Sharon Tate as the skydiving babe Malibu. How about the stunt in the plane where she's ready to jump and Tony not only gets in the way....but falls out of the plane without a chute? Sharon Tate to the rescue...oh, and they land holding onto each other into a pool! Classic comedy for a 1967 flick! Scott (Back into my lurk when I have time to visit here) Gig em, Garland Owls!
  6. To set the record straight, ladies AND gentlemen...the cheerleaders were wearing the golden colored jumpsuits the Golden Knights have (with the U.S. Army logo on the jumpsuit) NOT their skimpy looking ahlter top outfits. That would have been cool just to check out BUT alas not to be. And they were debriefed about what to expect and what to do during the jump. There was a video clip posted at Check it out while you can, folks! Blue Skies to one and all! Scott (postscript -- I would have loved to jump with any one of those cheerleaders, but not trained to jump solo yet. DARN! ) Gig em, Garland Owls!
  7. I saw this story unfold this morning on the local FOX-TV morning show. Members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders took part promoting the USO and the Golden Knights parachuting team at Meacham Field in Fort Worth around 9 a.m. Video of this story can be found at (look under Good Day link) and also at (look under News Story link). It was a good story folks! Ten of the cheerleaders were pulled from rehearsals this morning and were whisked away for the skydive. All of the ten chosen did a tandem jump. All landed successfully too! Enjoy! Scott
  8. I agree. This seems, to me, another cycle of unneeded tragedy in this sport. As to how the FAA handles the unforseen deaths that have happened is yet to be seen. *frowning as I walk out of the chat room* Gig em, Garland Owls!
  9. Whatever happened to Donna Wardean? Wasn't she a jumpmaster at Aero Country Airport near McKinney back in the 1980s? (Memory might be faulty on that train of thought!) Gig em, Garland Owls!
  10. FIVE DAYS??????? Ouch! Go to a different DZ! Gig em, Garland Owls!
  11. All that just to demo a jump for US Steel? Incredible.......BUT TRUE! Gig em, Garland Owls!
  12. Welcome aboard, Diane! Blue Skies to you from Texas! Gig em, Garland Owls!
  13. Welcome to the family....the dropzone family that is! Gig em, Garland Owls!
  14. Looks like that girl in the oldtime photo has that look of praying that the chute opens when she pulls the ripcord! Gig em, Garland Owls!
  15. Anne Batterson is a well-known author and naturalist. That's what I found out when I did a Google search. Gig em, Garland Owls!