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  1. I did and they have no washers and won't tell me how to order anything. I believe they(Airtec) have a patent on the washer/loop system. They can regulate who can and cannot use it.
  2. Since Cypres material is not to be used for any other AAD and Vigil has no washers or info on how to order anything, Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Me too.. Now it's started.. How long before other manufacturers follow suit?
  4. OK, Situation that "might" piss a rigger off enough to file charges. I get in a rig that I packed in October last year. Shows another rigger packed it in Feruary of this year. I open it up to find my pack job still in it. Would you be pissed if a rig owner signed your name to someone elses pack job? I think the reason the owner used this riggers name/# was because he didn't use a stamp.(easier to copy). Myself and another rigger in the area both use a stamp. Also, there was no seal when I recieved it. Hmmm So, if something should happen, Guess who gets the first call and has to prove he did not pack the gear the last time? Just trying to make folks realize the problems they could cause, trying to save the cost of a repack.
  5. If you sign your riggers name and certificate number to a packing data card, which by the way, is a federal document, the rigger could probably file criminal charges for forgery and possibly ID theft against you. Just something to think about.... Discuss
  6. Way more than I could possibly drink (215 saves) Thanks Jen.
  7. Lets see.... Clamp on the nose of a reserve packed in a Javelin. Factory mistake- stabilizer sewn too far down the C line. The main problem with that is, it had been packed 8 times before I got it. Factory mistake- No crossports at all. packed 4 times before I got it. Dead mouse packed in a reserve. It had been 7 months since the last pack job. Nasty Total misrouting of lines on reserve. Front lines to rear risers, rear to front, control lines not thru slider. That rigger is not a rigger any more. Packing weight in pilot rig. Pull up cord tied around reserve lines, directly below canopy/slider. Lots of velcro damage on reserve lines from improper line stowage in free bag. I still use 3-4 tools I found in pack jobs. A lot more little stuff
  8. In a phone booth, On a bet Yes, I jumped it
  9. http://www.k-mac-plastics.net/nylon-MDS-molybdnenum-sheet.htm
  10. Where can I get material for top flaps, riser covers, tuck tabs, etc. I need to buy quite a bit for a project I'm getting ready to start. Thanks.
  11. I just repacked one that had the toggles on backwards with the stiffener on the outside. All loose loop was against the riser' I'll never figure out how some people get thru life with no common sense Edited to add; 3 different riggers have packed this before me