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  1. Mods, Please do something about these scammers. So far, I am 5 for 5 just on AAD seller scams in 2 weeks. And I have reported them all as scams thru the classified scam button- yet only one of them has been removed???? What are you waiting for to remove these criminals' posts?? There has GOT to be a better way to control this, no?? -----
  2. Before finding this thread I responded to the attached ad by systemxx. This ad needs to be removed if the seller is truly a scammer. I have also had email communications with this seller (which language contained therein is what made me suspect). Moderator(s): PM me if you would like to see a copy of said emails. -----
  3. Agreed. But later that same year ('05) my bud had a similar knot that resulted in a PC tow-reserve ride. But as soon as the reserve came out of container (he did not cut away) the main loop loosened just enough that the deflated pilot chute/knot had just enough drag to pull the main pin. Then poof...he had two out. In closing, my bud and I pack our PC's exactly the same. -----
  4. Sorry to pull up on old thread Gary - but saw your name and figured why not. Just had an issue two weekends ago at Summerfest. Following VRW jump, deployed to an instant slammer and half a line twist. After stars went away noticed both HMA 500 steering lines broke at the loops where the toggles are stowed. Also had about a quarter sized hole blown directly through middle of slider. Did contollability and decided to land on rears which went just fine. After landing also noticed a small chunk taken out of my Rawa helmet near the left ear (?). Canopy: Velo 111 loaded at 2.2. -----
  5. InkPal. Off-brand ink, but good quality/durability. Free shipping no matter order size. Been using them for 4 years now without a problem. Good luck. -----
  6. Just checked my 3032 and discovered the frame is indeed plastic. I apologize for the earlier misinformation. Still solid nonetheless. -----
  7. I have the Raynox HD3032PRO mounted on an HC5. About $110 from B&H. The frame is all-metal it is very solid. Image quality is great. Definitely superior to my previous Liquid 0.3x. Distortion is more than acceptable with only the outer 20% or so being noticeable (to my eye). Great value for this lens. Biggest drawback is the size. -----
  8. Why do you set wide angle adapter to on, but turn the anti-shake off? Thought the wide angle setting affected the EIS. Please explain. Thanks. -----
  9. I have an HC5 with Raynox 0.3x wide angle. I zoom all the way out and set focus to Manual. The only other setting I mess with is the "Wide Converision Lens" selection - which is supposed to somehow optimize the EIS for that particular lens type (not sure if that results in optimum for freefall though). As far as the tapes: not sure what "AME II" is - but the regular Sony tapes work great. No lost frames to-date (5 hours footage shot so far). -----
  10. Studies have shown that dog-haters have Daddy issues. Kidding?...maybe. Seriously, dogs are great anywhere when under control...until they bite your face off. -----
  11. My understanding is the glass has to specify UV protection. Else it is as good at blocking UV as air... -----
  12. I will do 30 up to 40 gusts tops. Done it a couple times by chance with no issues. But only since I have a heavy wingloading. Any lighter loadings and my tastes would be proportionately lower winds. -----
  13. I am at about $30k into it after 4.5 years in sport. Need to start applying my newly acquired ratings to cover the expenses. -----
  14. Had bridle knot up twice on me just below the pilot chute. No issues with depolyment either time however. But my buddy had knot tie directly around pilot chute which resulted in no inflation/insufficient PC drag to pull he went to reserve. Of course when reserve came out the whole rig loosened up and main pin came out resulting in 2 canopies out... -----
  15. Observation from DSE's tests: The Century 0.3 appears to have noticably less resolution and more distortion than the Raynox 0.3. Personal experience: The Raynox 0.3 performs quite well on my HC5. Minimal loss in picture quality versus no wide angle conversion lens attached. Also, the Raynox way outperforms my existing single element lens. My understanding is that the Century 0.3 is a single element lens?? BTW - Thanks for the efforts and informative post DSE... -----